Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Rubbish collection - or not - in Sidmouth and East Devon

Last summer, a big noise was made when a new 'techno-bin' was introduced to Sidmouth's seafront:
Futures Forum: Big belly bins come to Sidmouth

However, as a recent photo sent in by a correspondent shows, this new system doesn't always seem to be working:

... which is now on FaceBook:

... with the caption:

Sidmouth Sea Front today.

Sunny day yesterday so it  wasn't a surprise people use the beach, and left a neat pile of rubbish (well it was neat at 9pm last night) until the seagulls had their normal party. So now its going to cost a lot more to clear up.  Surely the council are used to sunny bank holidays  ?!

This was just one mess of many.. 

And another:

Meanwhile, the District Council is making promises on more kerbside collection:
Futures Forum: All change in recycling: "Up until now, EDDC has preferred a cheaper ‘limited’ service compared to other local councils, to help it maintain the lowest council tax rate in Devon."

At the moment, according to the District Council, the only place to take your cardboard, apart from the Devon County recycling centres, is Tesco's:
Extra rubbish - East Devon District Council

This is set to change, as reported by Cllr Ian Thomas:

East Devon waste collection services to change with new contract?

Sunday, 29 March 2015 09:00
Written by Ian Thomas

East Devon District Council has just released to the press the potential scope of future recycling and waste services in advance of the end of the current contract in March 2016. Potential suppliers have been invited to a ‘Get to know East Devon’ bidders day event at Knowle.

Possible proposed changes are wide ranging...

They include the potential addition of kerbside collection of cardboard and mixed plastics, which I have argued for over some years but which was deemed impractical until the review on the contract at this point.

However it is also considered that the period between 'dry waste' collections could be extended to three or four weeks. This gives me some concern, particularly as the waste collection service, rated as the most valued service provided by district councils, in a recent Yougov poll, costs each of our housesjust £1.30 per week.

I would appreciate the thoughts of Uplyme, Combpyne-Rousdon and Axmouth residents on their wishes for the future approach to waste collection so that I can ensure these are made available to those charged with negotiating the new contract. Please add a comment to the base of the article, or click here to send me a personal message through the website contact form....

The remainder of the press release reads:

"...The aim of the Bidders Day was to introduce the area of East Devon to potential bidders and to explain the importance of the contract, as well as its aims and objectives. Most importantly, participants were given crucial insight into our core requirements: Meeting customer demand, keeping quality high, adding the collection of cardboard and mixed plastics as a minimum and reducing costs..."

Trinitymatters.co.uk website of Cllr Ian Thomas EDDC - East Devon waste collection services to change with new contract?...

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