Thursday, 16 April 2015

Hustings in Sidmouth: Town Council Election >>>>>>>>> Meet the candidates >>> UPDATE >>> Tuesday 21st April

The Vision Group contacted prospective Town Council election candidates some weeks ago:
Futures Forum: Hustings in Sidmouth: Town Council Election ... Tuesday 21st April

But since then, the official declaration of candidates has been made:
Futures Forum: The final list of candidates for Sidmouth Town Council election announced

The Vision Group has formally written to all the candidates, inviting them to attend next week's hustings.
It was also decided to invite all the declared winners of the uncontested seats as well, so they too would have the opportunity to meet the electorate.

The details are set out in the letter sent out to both candidates and newly/re-elected Councillors:

Dear Prospective Sidmouth Town Council Candidate/ 
Dear Sidmouth Town Councillor 
I would like to invite you to the Vision Group for Sidmouth (VGS) Hustings for the 2015 STC elections.
The Hustings will be held between 6pm and 7.30pm on Tuesday 21st April at Sidmouth College, Primley Road, Sidmouth, EX10 9LG
The event will be divided into two separate sessions, following the general welcome from the Chair who will set out the procedure.
The first session will commence at just after 6pm and will be styled on a “parents evening” formatBoth Prospective STC Candidates and newly elected/re-elected STC Councillors will be seated at pre-arranged individual tables – in alphabetical order – set around the College Hall, to take questions from constituents. Members of the public would then be free to sit at the table of their ward candidates and Councillors to ask questions – taking it in turn before moving on to another candidate/ward member for the same ward but in a different part of the Hall. The Chair will go round the Hall to ensure respect and courtesy is afforded by all participants.
The second session will start at about 6.45pm and will take the format of a debate on the stage between all the Prospective STC Candidates. Members of the public will have been asked to prepare questions beforehand and these will be fielded through the chair to the Prospective Candidates from the audience. The panelists will not be aware of the exact wording of the questions beforehand; they will not be subject to follow-up questions from the audience, although the chair might chose to ask for clarification. The question-and-answer session will end at 7.30pm approximately.
Refreshments will be available throughout the evening, provided by the VGS.

Please confirm you will be in attendance. We look forward to seeing you. 
Best regards,
Dave Bramley
Vision Group for Sidmouth

Vision Group for Sidmouth - Hustings: meet the candidates

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