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Cycing: Otter Trail Group AGM: Tuesday 23rd February

Towards the end of the month, the Otter Trail shared use path group will be holding its AGM:

Tuesday 23 February 2016 – AGM

The Otter Trail Group will be holding its AGM at 19:00 on Tuesday 23rd February 2016 at the Lamb and Flag, Batts Lane, Ottery St Mary, EX11 1EY. Below are copies of the draft Agenda and our current Constitution.
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And from the Otter Trail's homepage:


Pupils at The King’s School, Ottery St Mary are proposing a new shared use cycleway which follows the old railway track starting at Feniton through to Ottery St Mary. This will eventually link up with a continuation through Tipton St John and onto Sidmouth.  This web site is used to help you access up-to-date information about progress.

Devon County Council Transport Plans

place_scrutiny_jan_2015In January 2015 Devon County Council’s Place Scrutiny Committee reviewed the Council’s Transport Plans out to 2030.
Encouragingly a cycle route from Feniton to Sidmouth features in these plans.

Feasibilty Study Published

otter_trail_studySustrans have published a Feasibiliy Studyinto the Otter Valley Trail.  Paul Hawkins, the Devon Area Manager for Sustrans, writes:
“The East Devon countryside is a beautiful experience on foot and cycle, and the concept of linking up these communities with a safe route is very appealing and would provide both tourism and local commuting benefits. Delivery of a whole route would be complex, involve many stakeholders and take many years, but with careful planning sections of the route could be delivered to the benefit of local communities.”

In The News

  • 23 February 2016: Otter Trail Group AGM – see Events page for details
  • January 2015: Devon County Council discusses 15 Year Transport Plans
  • August 2014: Thursday Bike Rides
  • May 2014: Community Bike Ride Report
  • April 2014: Sustrans publish a Feasibility Study on the Otter Valley Trail
  • October 2013: Claire Wright reports on the Family Fun Ride in our Newsletter
  • October 2013: Family Fun Ride
  • August 2013: Jo Elliot pens the latest Newsletter
  • July 2013: The Otter Trail is featured in the Express and Echo
  • July 2013: The Ottery Gazette publishes an article by Simon Stokes on the Otter Trail
  • June 2013: The Otter Trail Group launch an on-line petition to allow the public to register their support.
  • May 2013: Sustrans select Ottery’s Connect 2 Bridge as one of the best examples of community development in the country.
  • Nov 2012:  CTC Exeter Newsletter
  • Oct 2012:  Express & Echo
  • Sep 2012: Local Councillor Claire Wright Supports Trail
  • Jul 2012:  Ottery Gazette


  • East Devon Cycle Path Facebook Page
  • Map of Proposed Route between Feniton and Ottery St Mary
  • Map of Proposed Route between Feniton, Ottery St Mary, Tipton and Sidmouth
  • Photos of Proposed Route
  • Geolocated Photos along Proposed Route

Contact Us

If you would like to become involved or learn more about the Trail please contact us.
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