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"Save Exmouth Seafront to hold demo ahead of East Devon council meeting" >>> Wednesday 24th February

Last summer, the campaign group 'Save Exmouth Seafront' was launched:

The group has carried out its own public survey:

This FaceBook page allows for further discussion:

Tomorrow's full District Council meeting will address plans for the seafront:

The Save Exmouth Seafront group will be holding its own meeting outside:

Save Exmouth Seafront to hold demo ahead of East Devon council meeting

By Exeter Express and Echo | Posted: February 22, 2016

Campaign group Save Exmouth Seafront will hold a demo outside The Knowle over what they believe to be a "lack of transparency" over development plans.

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Campaign group Save Exmouth Seafront will hold a demo outside The Knowle over development plans.

Louise MacAllister, spokesperson for the group highly critical of the £18m Queen's Drive project, said many of their questions about "remain unanswered" by East Devon District Council.

It's despite EDDC recently publishing information in the form of a Q&A on their website.

Louise will lead the demo outside the council offices in Sidmouth on Wednesday 24th February at 5.45pm, as district councillors arrive ahead of a full council meeting.

The group will then field some of the "unanswered" questions at the district authority during the public speaking section of the meeting.

"Previous questions asked by the campaign group have remained unanswered," said Louise, "with EDDC citing legal proceedings as preventing them from replying.

"However as EDDC recently released a series of question and answers as a result of legal proceedings having concluded, SES hopes that this time answers to concerns will be forthcoming".

She added: "The questions and answers are disappointingly vague and fail to address key concerns. The questions answered were not truly representative of the concerns of seafront users."

One issue raised by SES is, in their view, a lack of evidence that a cinema operator carried out market research among Exmouth residents, as mentioned in the Q&A.

They have said no resident has come forward so far to say they were asked about a seafront cinema.

The project, which would transform the town's seafront, will include eight eateries and a cinema with an, as-yet, unconfirmed operator in place to run it.

A watersports centre and 40 apartments will also be built, with the overall scheme creating 175 jobs.


Jessbelle | February 23 2016, 3:24PM

There may be 175 jobs created in this development but how many will be lost in Exmouth Town Centre. There are many restaurants and cafes especially in the Strand area that must struggle to stay afloat especially in the winter months. How many will go bust if eight more eateries open up on the seafront? It is the town centre that needs updating; the seafront can manage on its own with visitors flocking in to walk and play on the beach and to use the popular playparks (which are going to be destroyed) - And that is in the winter!!! Flats, a cinema and shops are hardly going to encourage visitors to this area as people probably already have the same and better at home.

swalker2000 | February 22 2016, 5:38PM

If it's anything like the swimming pool scheme in the city centre this won't do any good. There will be consultations to give lip service to the opposition, but some people in the council got their new kitchen extensions and Mercedes, and they won't be changing the decision any time soon.


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