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Campaign against Climate Change > meeting to plan event in Sidmouth > Tuesday 29th March

The Campaign against Climate Change took part in Sidmouth's Climate Week earlier this month:
Futures Forum: Climate Week in Sidmouth >>> Campaign against Climate Change @ The Climate Variety Show >>> Fri 11th March

Here's a message from the local CaCC representative to the FFblog:

There is a national event in London on 8th May - a march backwards down Whitehall - and there is interest in doing something locally to link in with this.

I have booked a room at the Unitarian Chapel Sidmouth, All Saints Road, Sidmouth, EX10 8ES on Tuesday 29th March at 7pm for those of us who can come along and plan an event in Sidmouth in or around the 8th May.

And here's the page from the CaCC site looking to the 8th May events:

Going Backwards on Climate Change

No more UK backtracking on climate!

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Since May 2015 clean energy technology has been sidelined in favour of a dash for gas, susbsidies for clean energy have been cut (including the cut this week to solar thermal subsidy) and roads and runways have been pushed through despite strong local opposition. So what better way to mark the government's one year anniversary than to march - backwards - down Whitehall?
A creative and colourful protest that will make a serious point: we're running out of time to act on climate change, and we can't afford to go backwards.

Not in London?

In the run up to 8th May we want to support as many local meetings and events as possible to raise awareness - from educational workshops, open discussion meetings, to quirky stunts and stalls in the high street, if you're interested, get in touch info@campaigncc.org

On the day

Our backwards march will be a visible symbol of the government's backtracking on climate. Along the way we'll take time to highlight some of the most dangerous backwards steps that have been taken, with props and visual stunts, personal testimonies and maybe even a spot of poetry and song! Including...

Renewables cuts - showing the dismantling (quite literally) of the solar and onshore wind industries, leading to many thousands of job losses. With a special mention for community energy groups joining us doing the very best they can under restrictive policies.

Fracking - neither the solution to climate change nor to energy security, why is the government trying to push it through at all costs? We'll show solidarity with all the amazing resistance groups around the country.

Aviation expansion - outside Downing Street we will remind David Cameron of his broken promise. All together now: 'No ifs, no buts, no third runway!' Featuring a roll-out runway and planes for all.

Insulation funding cuts - the UK has some of the most poorly insulated homes in Europe, and stopping this energy waste should be a no-brainer for tackling climate change and reducing fuel poverty - a winter killer. Raising the

Subsidising fossil fuels - we'll end up outside the Treasury. George Osborne and his department have done more than any other part of government to reverse progress on climate change, and they're still happy to hand out massive tax breaks to the oil and gas industries. A special presentation here.
And more...

Finally we'll end on a note of determination: it's Time To Go Forwards on Climate Change. Get out your banners with positive slogans, re-assemble that wind turbine. And give a shout out for all the activists dedicated to keeping fossil fuels in the ground, fighting for our climate and winning hearts and minds.

Find out more

Help build the protest on 8 May

We have regular planning meetings in London, and would also love to hear from individuals and groups who think they could help out in any way. We have lots of flyers available to spread the word. Get in touch! info@campaigncc.org


Sunday, May 8, 2016 -
12:00 to 14:00

Going Backwards on Climate Change | Campaign against Climate Change
Local Events - Going Backwards on Climate Change | Campaign against Climate Change

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