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Sidford business park >>> planning application plans >>> debate on Streetlife

Submissions to the application for an industrial estate between Sidford and Sidbury have to be in by 8th June:
Futures Forum: Sidford business park >>> planning application plans >>> a guide to how to comment >>> by Wednesday 8th June

Meanwhile, debates are happening - including on the Streetlife social network site:

Sidford Employment Land

Jenny A  in Sidmouth
Objections to the proposed plans for an Employment Park have to be in by 8th June.  There are real concerns about the position of the site for many reasons but what could affect everyone in the Sidmouth area is the potential traffic implications at Sidford crossroads and traffic overload which has not been addressed, nor has the pollution from queuing traffic which can only get worse.  Brook Lane/Frys Lane could be seriously affected as traffic tries to escape the queues and the route through Sidbury could also be badly affected.  Fords have many vans, for starters!   There are a number of serious concerns about the siting of this proposed development, from flood risks to a loss of an AONB and the knock on affect to other businesses and tourism.  Letters of objection that have already been written and can be read on the East Devon planning website give more information and if you feel like I do about the plans, it is easy to send your objections by an email to planning@eastdevon.gov.uk quoting the reference 16/0669/MOUT regarding the proposed plans that Fords have submitted.  Each objection counts and could make all the difference.
Kate C
There has to be development somewhere as the young need employment and nowhere will be perfect especially in this small valley. Perhaps we should encourage the developers to make the very best site that they can.
Leigh R
Jenny, what do you see as the knock on affects for other businesses and tourism?
Real Sidmouthian
Its in the Local Plan as agreed by the inspector now so all we as residents can do is make it the best possible development.
Jenny A
The objections are now about the plans. A big concern is the impact of traffic on the area around Sidford crossroads and on the A375 Sidford to Honiton road through Sidbury. The Park's entrances and exits will be on this road on either side of the sewage works road. The proposed plan hopes to provide 300 jobs in industrial, storage and warehousing capacity. Fords already employ 70 people and they have a fleet of vans. The proposed use would naturally involve large vehicles (storing, warehousing) and also many smaller vans and cars by employees and customers. This road can barely cope now especially in pockets like Sidford School Street where buses and large vehicles have trouble squeezing through, mounting the narrow pavement etc. The tailback to the lights are getting worse, especially holidays, peak times, events (Folk Week). Cars idle, pollution in confined area. Sidbury is the same and also has a school access onto the road. We object because we don't feel this has been addressed in the planning. There are other objections but have focused on this major concern. The impact on tourism is as much about perception of an area where an AONB has an obvious appeal against employment parks (which are usually hidden away but these buildings will be very visible at the edge of the road. The new cycle path will be against the road with all this activity from the park.
Fords seem to want to have monopoly to me and I worry about all the other skilled workers in the valley who compete with them for business and who cannot afford the overheads, or need to rent a unit. Will Fords jeapardise or affect the diversity of choice ie supermarket against small shop scenario. Ok, that's me done!
I have to agree with you, Jenny A. I drive through Sidford and Sidbury to work every day. Just the bus alone can cause issues and I don't see how Sidbury will cope with higher volumes of traffic and larger vehicles. I used to work for a small company in Sidmouth and also know that getting any office or a unit to work from is extremely difficult - many are owned by Fords already and a precious few options come up for rent. We definitely need more space for local businesses, so I suppose it's a case of the best compromise.
Jenny A
Kate C. I absolutely agree with you about work for the young but come at it from another way round. Unless there is enough affordable property or rentals for locals in Sidmouth, the young population cannot afford to stay here. I know of families where children move away to affordable areas and find work there eg Exmouth etc. So affordable living and work go together. I get really frustrated when I see all these expensive developments going up geared to the over 55's eg Mill Street, would have been perfect for starter homes for locals etc. Also some cheaper places are bought up for second homes and don't give the youngsters a chance. So other than Fords expansion plans, I'm not sure who is going to gain from this now....well, actually I do!!
Ann L
I agree totally Sidford/Sidbury will bear the brunt of all the chaos which will mostly certainly occur if the industrial estate goes ahead. I think that Sidmouth residents should not be too complacent either because the flooding which will most certainly happen down the Sid with the loss of the natural soak away provided by the fields to be concreted, is a concern to all. It has already been stated that providing an adequate flood defence scheme will be costly. Will that be put in place before or after the deed is done? I suspect the latter to be true and further suspect there will be insufficient funds to do so adequately once it is completed. I don't think any of us feel this venture is philanthropic in nature.
Hi Jenny, just curious to know why you think so much extra traffic will be generated in Sidbury, surely most of the traffic going to Alexandria Industrial estate already comes from the main trunk roads?  Have you been up to look at what the residents of Woolbrook and Alexandria Road put up with with the vans and lorries presently delivering to/using Fords?? The only good thing about the old site is the 'ban' after 7pm and on sundays. Is there any plan to enforce a quiet time at the new estate? I too, wonder about the flooding, they haven't got a particularly good track record of controlling the water coming off their present estate!!
Kate C
Of course there is no philanthropy involved , it's up to the community to get the very best outcome possible. As for the supermarket v single trader debate; in my recent experience when asking small businesses for a quote they are so busy they ignore calls or visit and fail to send a quote. I think both are needed, as for suitable accommodation for them I have no knowledge.
Jenny A
Yes AW, it's really tricky up Alexandria Road and without a doubt they have had to put up with a lot. I also wonder what is planned for the Alexandria site now? Along the same lines, we see first hand the traffic problems and tail backs at the Sidford crossroads in particular at peak times, events, holidays and folk week in all directions. There are dangerous areas too with school kids off and on buses heading for Sidbury, narrow pavements and the winding road through Sidbury with its School's access. My concern is that if there are to be storage and warehouse facilities and if that involves removal vans, large vehicles and all the vans etc. driving either way towards Honiton or Sidmouth whether the impact on the pinch points along this road and the cycle route planned alongside the road and across the entrances to the park, have been fully addressed.

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