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Brexit: and becoming 'the seventh best value holiday destination in the world'

We might not have any foreign workers to actually serve our foreign tourists here in the West Country:
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And, meanwhile, we might be losing an event which brings in the rich foreign tourists:
Devon loses prestigious yacht race to France thanks to Brexit - Devon Live

But here's some good news for the West Country - courtesy of lots of foreign tourists:

Brexit has made the UK 'the seventh best value holiday destination in the world'

Holidaymakers enjoy the fine sunny weather as they gather around the harbour in St Ives CREDIT:GETTY IMAGES EUROPE

Katie Morley, consumer affairs editor 25 OCTOBER 2017 • 12:01AM

Brexit has made UK one of best value holiday destinations in the world due to fall in the value of the pound, according to travel guide Lonely Planet.

Lonely Planet has included the UK in the top 10 list for the first time this year, urging holidaymakers from overseas to "reap the rewards" of currency exchange rates while the UK Government "busies itself with Brexit".

Sterling is down 14 per cent against the euro and 11 per cent against the dollar compared with before the EU Referendum of June last year.

As a result in influx of tourists from the US, middle east and China have flocked to the UK over the past year to take advantage of the cheap prices.

The latest edition of Lonely Planet's Best in Travel advises readers to "make the exchange rate work even harder" by heading to Devon, Cornwall, Bath, York and Edinburgh, which are cheaper than London.

The travel guide adds: "The most likely scenario is that the UK stays affordable to international visitors - at least until a true picture of the post-Brexit landscape emerges."

It lists the UK as number seven on its table of the best value countries to visit next year. Estonian capital Tallinn is number one, followed by Lanzarote in the Canary Islands and the US state of Arizona.

From January to July this year there were a record 23.1 million overseas visits to the UK, up 8 per cent on the same period last year, according to tourism body VisitBritain.

Lonely Planet's destination editor for Britain and Ireland, James Smart, said: "While the value of the pound hasn't been great news for British travellers, it has been a great boost for people looking to visit the UK and we expect this to continue next year. "

New galleries and theatres, rehoused historic attractions and thoroughly modern opportunities for adventure combine with classic sights to make the UK a brilliant destination for both staycationers and foreign visitors in 2018."

Brexit has made the UK 'the seventh best value holiday destination in the world' - Telegraph

But apparently not every tourist is happy with the West Country:

De Gaulling! 'French tourist's' scathing Brexit letter causes outrage over his 'disgust' at the British people he had the 'displeasure to meet' - adding he is 'glad the UK can stop sabotaging EU'


PUBLISHED: 12:27, 20 October 2017 | UPDATED: 14:56, 20 October 2017

A French tourist says he is glad the UK is leaving the EU after making a trip to Devon - stating in a letter that he was disgusted by the attitude of the people.

Claiming to be Henri Philippe Petain, the man said he recently visited Fremington, a village between Bideford and Barnstaple, in North Devon on a six-day holiday.

'Henri', who lives in Fremington's twinned village, Colombelles in France, said he was 'taken aback by the attitude of most people' he had the 'displeasure to meet' and says he is 'glad the British have chosen to leave the European Project'.

'French tourist' calls for immediate Brexit after UK trip | Daily Mail Online
'French tourist' writes Brexit letter complaining about Brits he had 'displeasure' to meet on Devon holiday - but is it genuine?

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