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Against charity: for volunteering

A couple of months ago, this comment was left following the reblogging of a piece on charity and 'giving it back' to the community:

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

this project aims to increase awareness in the local community through the creative output of the young people today who use our services. giving time to a charity
Futures Forum: Against charity: Creating wealth does more good than 'giving it back'

Here's the article itself:

Want to be Happier in 2018? 

Volunteering is the Answer

In today's busy day to day life activities, it is very much difficult to be able to find free time to do volunteering. But once you make out the time and do the volunteer works, the benefits that come with it are enormous.

It will help you to make out new friends, learn new skills, improve your mental and physical health, can reduce the stress, reduce depression, and the list goes on.

Need for Volunteering

Volunteering is a worthwhile cause that helps the people and the community who are in need. You do the service for the great good and also help you in keeping reducing the stress which in turn will keep you happy. You do not have to make a long-term commitment to volunteering and consumes a little of your time.

Happiness by Volunteering

Many studies show that helping others arouse happiness within you. The more we volunteer, the more we find ourselves happy.

By doing volunteering work, people can connect well with their community. The community can be made a better place to live in. Volunteering task needs not be a big one, even some minutes of volunteering can have a tremendous impact on the life of the people or the animals or even the organizations for which we work. Volunteering is not a one-way street. By volunteering, you and your family will always gain something along with the people or organization for which you do the work. The social life and skills can get improved a lot by meeting new people.

Your mental health and physical health also can get improved a lot by volunteering. You can reduce or distress yourselves from your stressful life. When you are stressed, you tend to become depressed and unhappy with your life and start to shut down yourself even without knowing it. By mingling with new people, helping and working with others and having the chance to help them makes your stress reduced, and you start to become happy and enjoy the life. Volunteering sometimes requires the need for physical activity. The more service or help that we provide to others, the happier we become, and this has been researched and found out by recording the brain activities.

It's a fact that volunteering can also help you in your career growth, as you can get to meet new people or the people who are in that particular area who can help you out. Also volunteering is a way to learn new skill specially and make the experience in certain trades. Also, volunteering will provide the chance to learn how to work as a team, improve your skills in communication, organizing problem solving, etc., which are essential to be successful in a workplace.

There are many options and areas to where you can volunteer, and you get a chance to know about your interests and passions. You will be able to find out that volunteering is very relaxing and a way to escape from the day to day hectic life.

Want to be Happier in 2018? Volunteering is the Answer

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