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The Park and Ride model at Lyme Regis

As discussed recently, one idea to help with traffic congestion in Sidmouth is Park and Ride:
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But where would it go?
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Would a bus service be provided?
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Who would provide the land - and at what price?
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The P+R scheme in Lyme Regis might offer an alternative model - which would not mean having to allow the building of housing on AONB land to provide for P+R...

> The Lyme Regis scheme is a summer-only service:

Park and Ride to reopen this summer
27 MAR 2018
A park-and-ride car park aimed at reducing congestion in the summer in Lyme Regis is again set to open this summer.
The car park would be seasonal and would operate from March 30, 2018 to September 30, 2018, and follows the granting of planning permission for the site in 2017 on land right on the border of Devon and Dorset.

> The landowners of the site are willing to make their fields available for P+R:

Park and ride extension approved
29th March
Deputy town clerk Mark Green said: “Having obtained planning permission and being in a position to go with the bus company, the landowner of the Charmouth Road site has advised that the ground conditions are simply too wet for it to be used for parking over the coming weekend, especially with significant rainfall forecast between now and the weekend.
“We completely agree with this decision and we will continue to liaise with the landowner and bus company regularly over the coming days.
“We understand the land drains quickly and it should be useable given a clear week of largely dry weather.”

Park and ride extension approved...but it won't be open in time for the Easter bank holiday | Bridport and Lyme Regis News 

> The Town Council has to provide a subsidy of £5.5k for the bus service. 
In other words, this is a P+R service and not a 'park and change' service:

Lyme Regis park and ride saved by town council
19th December 2013
Town Clerk John Wright told the councillors: “What used to happen was Dorset County Council made an allocation of £11,000 to one of the coach operators to find another coach operator to run the Charmouth Road site, who would then be given £5,700.
“What we would be doing, if this is passed, is provide the finance direct to the operator, so we will only pay the £5,700. We have a very good working relationship with the current coach operator who ran the Charmouth Road site.”

> However, the District Council's planning committee has just rejected a planning application “due to a lack of evidence and harmful visual impact upon the AONB”. 
In other words, the District Council is concerned about green belt land around built-up areas: 

East Devon planning authority rejects Lyme Regis Town Council park and ride application
25 May 2018
Planning permission for temporary use of land for a park and ride in Uplyme refused due to a lack of evidence and harmful visual impact upon the AONB
East Devon District Council has refused planning permission (ref: 18/0584.FUL) for further temporary consent for a park and ride facility off the A3052 in Uplyme to serve Lyme Regis.
The application was refused on the basis of a lack of evidence submitted with the application to justify a need for the facility and that as a result this would have a harmful impact upon the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) within which the site is located.

Although the Town Council might appeal:

And there is quite a 'political dimension' to this:

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