Thursday, 20 December 2018

Brexit: and East Devon's MP saying 'we should get on with it'

Both of the District's MPs were not happy with the Withdrawal Agreement:
Futures Forum: Brexit: and East Devon's MP's amendment
Futures Forum: Brexit: and Honiton's MP to vote against Withdrawal Agreement

Now with questions of what next, Hugo Swire, MP for East Devon, has said two things: that "no deal is better than a bad deal"; and that "the government should work through Christmas to avoid no deal":

East Devon MP won't vote Remain again

Thursday, December 20th, 2018 7:37am
By Paul Nero
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Sir Hugo Swire says government should work through Christmas to avoid no deal
A Devon MP who voted Remain in the 2016 referendum says he's unlikely to do the same if a People's Vote is called.
With the House of Commons deadlocked on how to progress as the deadline for the UK to leave the European Union approaches, Sir Hugo Swire has told Radio Exe that he's not a supporter of calls for a second referendum and that the country should leave, just as the people chose two and a half years ago.
"My constituency, East Devon, voted only narrowly to leave, but I did vote remain. I'm not a supporter of what's called the People's Vote. I'm not sure what the first referendum was if it wasn't a People's Vote. We've had a vote. People who lost that vote don't like it so they're doing whatever they can to stop the will of the people being expressed, but we should get on with it. 
"I still very much hope there's a deal to be done with the EU, but if at the end of the day, if there's no deal, as the prime minister said, no deal is better than a bad deal, so we must plan for the eventuality that we come out fo the EU with no deal in place.
Sir Hugo called for the Cobra emergency committee, chaired by the prime minister, to sit through Christmas and the New Year.
East Devon MP won't vote Remain again - Radio Exe

Meanwhile, in his regular column, Neil Parish, MP for Honiton, has not said much more than last time:

At one stage last week, I really did think Christmas would be cancelled. Thankfully, it has not been – and we do actually have a short break from politics and Brexit until the New Year.
How we leave the European Union is certainly important and will affect our lives in many ways. We must get it right. But a break from the febrile atmosphere, for all concerned, is much needed.
We need to invest heavily in understanding and tackling dementia - Neil Parish - Devon Live

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