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More historic blue plaques for Sidmouth nominated > including Woolcombe House

A piece in the Herald a couple of weeks ago put the number of nominations for a 'blue plaque' in Sidmouth at 20:
Futures Forum: More historic blue plaques for Sidmouth nominated

The heading this week is a little misleading, though, as there will still be 22 nominations for new plaques - plus replacements for the current 35.

The example plaque pictured shows that the present crop are indeed in need of renewing:

Project seeks to place up to 57 new blue plaques in Sidmouth

PUBLISHED: 18:00 19 January 2018

The Historic Sidmouth blue plaque at Alma Bridge in Sidmouth. Photo by Simon Horn. Ref shs 4258-35-12SH To order your copy of this photograph visit www.sidmouthherald.co.uk and click on myphotos24

A project seeking to place up to 57 new blue plaques in Sidmouth is seeking support from owners of interesting buildings.

Currently there are around 35 blue plaques in the town, all provided by the Sid Vale Association (SVA). Over the years, some have gone missing or have been damaged.
The association is hoping to gradually replace the plaques with new, more resilient signs, which should last around 10 years. Each one will cost in the region of £100.
The SVA has also been looking at 22 other interesting properties which it thinks would be blue plaque worthy and is in the process of contacting the owners to ask for their consent in principle. It is hoped the new plaques will all be up by late spring.
At its latest meeting, Sidmouth Town Council gave consent, in principle, for a plaque to be placed on its Woolcombe House HQ.
Councillor John Rayson said: “I think it is great that the SVA is considering this building for a blue plaque. This building used to be in my family and was used by builders, carpenters and undertakers and at one time all the coffins used in Sidmouth were made here. It has a very interesting history.”
Cllr Ian Barlow added: “The more things we can have for different sorts of walkers, and to appeal to different sorts of people, is for the better.”
Richard Thurlow, SVA’s planning and conservation group chairman, said: “We are hoping to have a general launch when all the blue plaques are up. We are also intending to release a new booklet with all the information about our interesting buildings.
“It will give the public the ability to be able to see what important people have lived in buildings here. The plaques will also be put up on buildings which are architecturally significant. It is something interesting to the public. The blue plaques are placed all over the country. It will hopefully be an aid to visitors and will hopefully aid tourism.

Project seeks to place up to 57 new blue plaques in Sidmouth | Latest Sidmouth and Ottery News - Sidmouth Herald

Woolcombe Hall is a Grade II listed building with a lot of history:

Woolcombe House (C) Anthony Vosper :: Geograph Britain and Ireland
WOOLCOMBE HOUSE, Sidmouth - 1228508| Historic England

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