Monday, 29 January 2018

Plans for Port Royal: 'Council proposes to drop regeneration plans and sell the Drill Hall'

The District Council has published the final report on Port Royal from its consultants:
Futures Forum: Plans for Port Royal: anticipating a Regeneration Board >> Scoping Study consultants' "final report" published

Here with some very useful information is the latest newsletter from the Rescue Sidmouth Drill Hall site:

This could be the start of something big!

Dear Friends,

This is the first of what will probably be several emails over the next week or so. The results of the Port Royal Scoping Exercise are going to be considered at Sidmouth Town Council meeting on the 5th of Feb and on Feb 7th at the EDDC cabinet meeting.

The STC meeting will take place at the Methodist Hall on Church Lane, just off High Street, so that there will be greater room for those who wish to attend. However, it is not a very large room so I would suggest you arrive early if you want to show your support for retaining the Drill Hall and avoiding a wholesale demolition of Port Royal. Unfortunately I will not be able to be there.

To try to pull some points together before they make their decision I have sent an email and attachments to STC Councillors and the Sidmouth EDDC Councillors. What I have written will, in the main, not be new information but I have done some reworking of the raw data from the Survey results, approaching them in a different fashion to try to extract more information.

A copy of the email and attachments can be found here

The agenda for the STC meeting should be published tomorrow and I will be in touch with you, and then, if there is anything further to say. Once their deliberations have borne fruit we will know the grounds on which we can start to make further plans. I sincerely hope we will not end up in a battle with the Councils and that they have listened to the voices from the meeting and the petition.

More anon.


This could be the start of something big!
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And here's a message from the 3Rs campaign:

EDDC propose sale of the Drill Hall

I am pleased to say that EDDC Cabinet on 7th February will review a proposal from Officers to drop the development plans for Port Royal included in the Local Plan. This is amazing news and what we had hoped for. In addition, they propose to offer the Drill Hall site for sale. At the moment we do not know whether this will be the freehold or leasehold or the price they will seek.

I encourage everyone to attend the meeting of Sidmouth Town Council on Monday 5th (Methodist Hall, 6.30pm) and the Cabinet meeting at EDDC on Wednesday 7th at 5.30pm.  Come prepared with your questions!

The Cabinet agenda papers can be found here:


and the relevant pages are 63-68.

Cathy Gardner
East Devon Alliance

Exciting news! Council proposes to drop regeneration plans and sell the Drill Hall

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