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Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall >>> elections Thursday 5th May

Next Thursday sees the election of a new PCC for the area:
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There have been hustings:
More police officers in Plymouth promised by crime commissioner candidates at local hustings | Plymouth Herald

And the candidates have given their opinions:
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The Herald has just put this piece on-line:

Six standing to be Devon and Cornwall PCC

14:09 28 April 2016
Voters will be going to the polls next week to choose the next Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall.
The vote, to be held on Thursday, May 5, will be to choose the replacement for the incumbent, Conservative Tony Hogg.
Elected in 2012, Mr Hogg has decided not to seek re-election after his first term of office.
The candidates who are standing are as follows:
Gareth Derrick (Labour)
Commodore Gareth Derrick is a former naval officer, whose appointment in command of the Royal Naval and Royal Marines Reserves completed in 2013. He has deployed on operational tours in submarines and on land in both the 1991 and 2003 Iraq wars.
Determined to bring Labour values to the role of Police Commissioner as in his military career, he emphasises the need for fairness, honesty and teamwork in the strategic leadership of policing.
His priorities are to continue the fight for proper funding, to restore effective local policing, and to ensure that the police and his own staff are truly engaged with the people of Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
Alison Hernandez (Conservative)
Alison Hernandez says she will: work with the Government to get the best funding deal for the people of Devon and Cornwall; put policing at the heart of communities, both on our streets and online; work with the other emergency services to greater effect; support those affected by crime: victims, witnesses and the most vulnerable in our community; improve crime reporting, especially 101, as waiting up to 45 minutes is unacceptable; review police station closures so that people don’t feel abandoned.
She says she has spent years running her own business, working alongside and getting the best out of the police.
William Morris (Independent)
William Morris says our society is built on the bedrock of integrity and compassion, which, on his watch, our police force will secure by delivering law and order through protecting the vulnerable and supporting the values we cherish through: targeted zero tolerance in areas with increasing levels of violence; community payback to reduce pressure on the criminal justice system; greater priority to wildlife and farm crime; drunk tanks; youth detox; more random vehicle spot checks; enhanced community engagement.
He says levels of violent crime resulting in injury are increasing, as are levels of rape and family abuse, often alcohol related. He says on his watch, these levels will be reversed.
Bob Spencer (Independent)
Bob Spencer said: “Having spent 30 years as a police officer, and completing my service in the role of Assistant Chief Constable, I have vast experience of management having been in command of more than 3,000 officers and having dealt with budgets of over £140 million.
“Unlike the other candidates, there will be no need for expenditure on advisers.
“I plan to halt the fall in police officer numbers and to actively recruit up to 50 new police officers paid for out of savings I have already identified.
“My second concern will be to stop the closure of police stations.”
Jonathan Smith (UKIP)
Jonathan retired from the Devon and Cornwall Police last year after 30 years as a police constable.
He understands policing and does not believe in the role of the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.
He aims to replace it with a Police and Community Cooperative. This will be managed by all the agencies that have a responsibility to safeguard our communities.
He will fight along with the public for a fairer deal on police funding.
He says we must return the police to our communities, stop the closure and sale of police stations, and overhaul or replace the ‘disastrous’ 101 system.
Richard Younger-Ross
(Liberal Democrats)
Richard is an experienced campaigner and, as commissioner, he says he will make the strongest case for Devon and Cornwall. His knowledge of Whitehall and how Westminster works is going to be vital to our securing the fair funding deal that our police force needs, he says.
Richard has three main priorities: to secure a fair funding deal for the Devon and Cornwall police force; to maintain and improve the visibility of our police force and improve the 101 service; to protect the force from a forced merger with Somerset and Avon which would ‘only make decision making more remote’.

Six standing to be Devon and Cornwall PCC - News - Sidmouth Herald

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