Monday, 4 April 2016

The Transition Town movement, Europe and the world

From the latest Transition Network newsletter, the theme is Europe and the world:

We have a new film set in Paris, our theme of 'international begins looking at UK Devolution, Brexit or Bremain and the translations project. The importance of dreaming and imagination, plus trips to Ireland, Paris and Leicester plus healthy conflict, the joy of training and the new REconomy newsletter.

8 days @ COP21Watch Our New Film: 8 days @ COP21

Travelling to Paris with Rob Hopkins during COP21, the film is the work of filmmaker Emilio Mula, who invested huge amounts of time into making this beautiful film. We would like to use this film to try a new way of being able to resource filmmakers like Emilio to make future wonderful films about Transition. So we would like to invite you to make a donation once you've seen it, to give what you felt the film was worth to you.

New film: '8 days @ COP21' | Transition Network


Our theme for the next 2 months is 'International'. With the Transition movement now being active in over 50 countries, it feels like a good time to pause and reflect on how that is working, what it looks like, and the many wonderful things, and the challenges, that arise from that.

Brexit OR Bremain?


Rob Hopkins offers some reflections on the UK's forthcoming referendum on whether to stay within, or to leave, the European Union, and invites you to share your thoughts.

Introducing 'International' - and some reflections on Brexit/Bremain | Transition Network

The Deficits of the English Devolution Process

You'd think the idea of devolving power closer to the local level would be very akin to what Transition is working to achieve, but as Professor Bob Hudson, public policy specialist at Durham University says in this interview "there are some very worrying questions being raised by all of this".

Bob Hudson on Devolution: "there are some very worrying questions being raised by all of this" | Transition Network 

handDreaming in Tongues -
a multi-lingual adventure begins.

A team of three people has taken on the job of supporting transitioners near and far in improving local, national and International capacity for translation. Sara, Pedro and Deborah, the new Transitionese team introduce themselves and the tools they will be using. And ask for support through a survey.

Dreaming in Tongues - a multi-lingual adventure begins. | Transition Network

Cyril Dion on 'Demain': "My message to the Transition movement would be a huge thank-you".

The rise of the film 'Demain' appears unstoppable. Viewed in France now by almost a million people, winner of the Cesar award for Best Documentary, lined up for release in at least 30 other countries, the film has been received with standing ovations, and has inspired many people to roll their sleeves up and do things everywhere it has screened. As we will hear next week, it has also proved the most amazing platform for Transition groups. Last week he attended, with co-producer Melanie Laurent, a screening of the film at the UN in New York where David Nabarro, Advisor to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, told them, "this film should be part of the training of all the political leaders of this planet." We spoke to him recently, and asked him to tell us more about himself:

Cyril Dion on 'Demain': "My message to the Transition movement would be a huge thank-you". | Transition Network

Welcome | Transition Network

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