The Sidmouth Drill Hall research site

This is a website devoted to research findings about the Sidmouth Drill Hall and Sidmouth’s Eastern Town. This is not a Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub CIC website, you can find that at
I always need more information, so if you have any then please contact me through the contact page and I can add it, with credit to the provider of course.
The Drill Hall Hub CIC has done amazing work on the role of the fishing industry in Sidmouth. They have spread their net to include collaboration with other EU countries, they produce the annual SeaFest, and take knowledge into schools. I am sure you will have seen many reports of their activities in the local press. I have nothing to add to that side of the issue.
I am also not addressing the many ways which Sidmouth Drill Hall could be used to expand the facilities on offer in the town. We all know that there is a need for provision for wet weather activities for tourists and children, and that the food and drink outlet at Sidmouth Trawlers could usefully be expanded. The residents of Sidmouth are probably also in general agreement that one building housing multiple help organisations, such as Citizen’s Advice Bureau and new business start-up support, would be useful. However, all these suggestions and arguments can be found on the main Drill Hall Hub site and would apply equally to a newly built facility. Here I want to explain why the current building is worthy of retention.
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