Sunday, 12 November 2017

Brexit: and the Environment Secretary upsetting farmers by supporting the EU's ban on 'bee-killing' neonicotinoids

Farmers were mostly for leaving the EU:
Futures Forum: Brexit/Bremain: "The majority of farmers are keen to leave the Union and all the baggage that comes with it."

And one reason was the EU's banning of pesticides such as glyphosates and neonicotinoids:
Futures Forum: Lobbying over the Roundup weedkiller >>> again >>> crunchtime: Tuesday 14th June
Futures Forum: Bees and lobbying over neonicotinoids >>> crunchtime: Wednesday 4th May

On the other hand, Environment Ministers were mostly for remaining in the EU:
Futures Forum: Brexit/Bremain: and the green economy: "Energy and environment ministers, green NGOs and sustainable businesses groups agree that remaining IN the EU is crucial for our transition to a low-carbon future."

Although the UK's current Environment Minister is not:
Futures Forum: The new Environment Secretary is "determined to protect our precious environment, support our thriving fishing industry and help our globally renowned food and farming industries grow more, sell more and export more great British food and drink."

Indeed, he's been very keen on a 'green Brexit':
Futures Forum: Brexit: and how to make a 'Green Brexit' work

Which not only farmers might be worried about, but which certain of his colleagues might question:
Futures Forum: Brexit: and Fox eating chlorinated chicken
Liam Fox reopens Cabinet rift with Michael Gove over chlorinated chicken - Telegraph

But the front page of today's Sunday Telegraph seems to avoid these contradictions:

Exclusive: Michael Gove's plan for a green revolution after Brexit

Edward Malnick 11 NOVEMBER 2017

An independent watchdog to “give the environment a voice” and “hold the powerful to account” will form the cornerstone of a “green Brexit”, the Environment Secretary discloses.

Michael Gove reveals plans to set up a “world-leading” statutory body to maintain environmental standards, together with a national policy statement that will permanently “embed” protections for land, water, air and wildlife into policy-making as Britain leaves the European Union.

The announcement, set out in an exclusive article for The Telegraph, is intended as a major concession to environmental groups and concerned MPs in a bid to head off a series of amendments to the Government’s EU Withdrawal Bill that will be debated this week.

Exclusive: Michael Gove's plan for a green revolution after Brexit

Here is that exclusive piece:
Outside the EU we will become the world-leading curator of the most precious asset of all: our planet

Indeed, a couple of days ago, the Minister showed his green credentials 
Bee-harming pesticides will be totally banned in the UK, Michael Gove says - Telegraph

- by upsetting the farming lobby:
Farmers dismayed by Gove’s support for neonicotinoid ban proposal - News - FG Insight

Because, there is a ton of contradictions over these insecticides:
Futures Forum: Bees and neonicotinoids > the latest research is ambiguous

Including divisions in the Environment Secretary's party:
Tory attempt to prevent complete EU ban on bee-killing pesticides thrown out by MEPs | The Independent

After careful consideration, however... the Minister prefers to back the EU on this:
United Kingdom joins Europe in banning bee-killing pesticides - Gears of Biz
Gove backs EU clampdown on neonicotinoids - The Courier

UK farmers make final weed killer plea to Commission - Yorkshire Post
European farmers say glyphosate deadlock shows mistrust in EU bodies – EURACTIV.com

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