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Knowle relocation project: and yet a similar retirement complex in Exeter contributed £5.65 plus land transfer towards affordable housing

We can compare different PegasusLife applications:
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: another PegasusLife application rejected due to 'scale, bulk and height of the proposed buildings' and 'insufficient contribution towards affordable housing'

We can also compare very similar applications.

Here is a new piece asking the obvious questions:

Compare and Contrast

It is interesting to compare the Millbrook development in Exeter with PegasusLife's at the Knowle, Sidmouth.

At Millbrook the development was considered to be C3 and the affordable housing provision consisted of a payment to the Council of £5.65 million plus the transfer of land at no cost to enable the Council to construct an extra facility. In addition the developer contributed almost £300.000 towards sports facilities and £35.000 towards archeological recording.

And what are PegasusLife, who are backed by Oaktree, a billion-dollar equity giant with offshore tax-haven connnections, contributing? Answer: nothing, whether the development is adjudged to be C2 or C3, - unless of course,  you include an information board to tell you where the elegant lawn terraces in the public gardens used to be. So how many “affordable” houses is East Devon losing out on?

Two councils, two very different approaches to retirement housing | East Devon Watch

The Millbrook development was really talked up:
Millbrook Village offers the retirement lifestyle you always promised yourself. | Millbrook Village
Millbrook Village in Exeter is designed for urban downsizers
Planning for retirement: 'We’ve already created a new home here' - Telegraph

But meanwhile Exeter City Council did very nicely out of it:

09/0832/01 - Outline application for the redevelopment of the former St. Loyes Foundation to form a retirement village comprising the retention of Fairfield Lodge for use as heritage centre, refurbishment and conversion of Fairfield House to provide two retirement apartments and an Estate Managers unit, partial demolition, conversion and extension of Springbok Hall to provide a Central Facilities Building and two retirement units, demolition of remaining existing buildings, construction of a further 202 retirement homes, 50 Extra Care housing units, 50 bed residential care home and associated roads, footpaths, cycle and car parking spaces, open space, balancing pond and associated landscaping works and ancillary works and structures. 

Approved 24th September 2010 subject to conditions and a Section 106 Agreement covering the age restricted occupation of the dwellings, provision of foot/cycle path, affordable housing contribution (£5.65 million made up of two elements - £3.8 million envisaged as being towards provision of extra care housing on part of the site transferred to the Council, and £1.85 million towards off site provision), transfer of land to ECC for provision of an Extra Care Housing development, and pitch improvements at Wonford Sports Centre or in lieu of works a contribution of £250,000 towards playing pitch provision/improvement within the City. 

10/1893/02 - 135 retirement units, 1 warden's unit, central facilities building and hard and soft landscaping (approval of reserved matters on Ref. No. 09/0832/01). Approved 19th January 2011. 11/0780/02 - 71 retirement units on the southern part of the site, and hard and soft landscaping (approval of reserved matters on Ref. No. 09/0832/01 approved 24 September 2010). 

Approved 30/06/2011 


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