Thursday, 23 November 2017

Exeter University becomes a centre for the Circular Economy

The idea of the 'circular economy' is gaining currency:
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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a pioneer in the field:
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With a major new initiative here in Exeter:

The University of Exeter becomes an Ellen MacArthur Foundation Pioneer University

NOVEMBER 17, 2017

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is delighted to welcome the University of Exeter to its network as a Pioneer University and Circular Economy 100 (CE100) member.

The University of Exeter is a top ten Russell Group University, based in the South West of the United Kingdom, with four campuses centred around the region. This year the University achieved the highest standard (Gold) in the recent UK teaching excellence exercise.

Over the next three years the University aims to establish a world leading, interdisciplinary, Cross University Centre for Circular Economy within the business school. It will bring together the University’s internationally-renowned expertise in complex systems modelling, natural capital and ecosystem services, advanced manufacturing, bioscience and circular economy to develop innovative and impactful, multi-disciplinary research and deliver the next generation of circular economy teaching and learning programmes.

These will include new online Masters level programmes, a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) due for launch in 2018, and company specific and open executive level blended programmes to support the acceleration of circularity within organisations.

The University will also take a leadership role in convening a global network of academics, working towards scaling the engagement of Higher Education institutions to support the transition to a circular economy, including the development of a new journal on the subject.

View Exeter's Pioneer Profile here.

To accelerate the transition to a circular economy requires ambition, deep commitment and a willingness to take calculated risks. The University of Exeter recognises the importance of circular economy to address the systemic challenges facing human society and our global economies in the era of the anthropocene. Our pioneer status will enable us to create further momentum and academic leadership in circular economy.

- Peter Hopkinson, Professor of Circular Economy, at the University of Exeter

We're delighted to be named as an Ellen MacArthur Foundation Pioneer University. The Foundation's exceptional work putting circular economy on the agenda for business and government around the world is testimony to what we can achieve collectively to address the global challenges we face. I am equally proud of the University of Exeter Business School staff for the recognition received as Pioneers. Most of all, we are delighted by the opportunity Pioneer status provides us to make a continuing contribution to the solutions to these challenges.

- David Allen, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean at the University of Exeter Business School

The University of Exeter join as an Ellen MacArthur Foundation Pioneer University

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