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Campaign to switch to clean energy >>> last 48 hours

The Sid Valley's energy group has a partnership with Good Energy:

Energy Switching

Energy switching. SidEnergy aims to provide guidance and information about the variety of deals available for the purchase of gas and electricity from a any chosen supplier.

SidEnergy has a partnership with Good Energy to purchase 100% green energy.  For any customer switching to Good Energy, Sid Energy will receive £25 for community benefit.

SidEnergy also provides advice on switching to other energy suppliers to save money.

Disclaimer SidEnergy is not responsible for any outcomes of switching to Good Energy or any other energy supplier.

SidEnergy | About Us
SidEnergy | Energy Switching

This is energy provider Good Energy's campaign:

Help us build a green energy future

All our electricity comes from local, natural sources like Cornish sunshine, Scottish wind and Welsh rain. So simply by switching to Good Energy you can help take the UK closer to a cleaner, greener future.
With your support, we can build more new wind and solar farmsand continue to use our industry-leading Feed-in Tariff service to support a community of independent renewable electricity generators across Britain.
Want a gas supply too? We also sell gas, as part of our dual fuel tariff.

Recommend a friend to Good Energy

Get £25 credit on your bill for every recommendation!
Find out more

Help us build a green energy future | Good Energy

And this is a piece in today's Western Daily Press:

Future could be powered by renewables says chief of Good Energy

By Western Daily Press  |  Posted: September 26, 2015

  • Critics of nuclear power say the planned new nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point in Somerset is not needed, and too costly
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Renewable energy's share of electricity generation has reached a record 25.3 per cent, and the West-based boss of Britain's leading renewable energy provider says a future powered solely by renewables is possible "if practical and pragmatic, evidence-based policy is in place".
Juliet Davenport, chief executive of Chippnham-based Good Energy, said: "Yet again renewables are really proving their worth. It's fantastic to see that a quarter of our electricity has come from renewable sources over a three-month period for the first time. Renewables have shown incredible growth in the last few years and are leading the way when it comes to making the UK more energy secure.
"A future powered solely by renewables is possible but only if practical and pragmatic, evidence-based policy for renewable energy is in place."
Critics of nuclear power say the planned new nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point in Somerset is not needed, and too costly. The Government says that nuclear has a vital role in the energy generation mix and that the deal struck for the 35-year guaranteed price of the power it generates is reasonable. Renewables have accounted for 25.3 per cent of generation in 2015 – up 8.6 per cent on last year. The increase is said to be due to rising capacity and better weather conditions.
The Government figures were announced as a new joint campaign was launched yesterday by RenewableUK and the Solar Trade Association opposing Government plans to cut financial support to small-scale renewables, including wind turbines and solar panels.
The campaign, entitled People Power, is calling for members of the public, as well as the thousands of renewable energy employees, to petition the Government to provide more stable support to maturing sectors by writing to their local MP and harnessing the power of social media.
The campaign leaders claim the Government's current plans are in danger of causing substantial job losses to the renewable energy sector by drastically reducing the amount of financial support local communities can receive from electricity suppliers for the clean power they generate.
The potential changes mean that a huge number of renewable energy projects would no longer go ahead and that home-grown electricity will be out of reach to ordinary households, farmers and small businesses.
Gemma Grimes, director of policy – consents & intelligence at RenewableUK, said: "This campaign is about sending a simple message to Government: don't wreck an industry, which for the first time has given people the power to control their own energy supply. Small-scale renewables is an extraordinary success in the UK, creating thousands of new green jobs and allowing local communities to generate their own clean energy.
"The Feed-In Tariff provides a lifeline to the rural economy, allowing farmers and small businesses to diversify their income and save on their electricity bills, especially during tough economic times. The Government's actions are in danger of consigning this great work to the past."
Leonie Greene, head of external affairs at the Solar Trade Association, said: "This would be an astonishing step backwards as we head toward crucial climate talks in Paris."

Future could be powered by renewables says chief of Good Energy | Western Daily Press

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of households are switching to Good Energy:

Big Six providers lose 100,000 households to ground-breaking green energy scheme

Deal with Good Energy firm will save households £232 a year

More than 100,000 households are deserting the Big Six energy providers to take up a green tariff at a much smaller utility after using their collective bargaining power to negotiate a deal that will cut their bill by more than £200 a year.
This is by far the biggest customer switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy in the UK and is the result of a ground-breaking campaign, backed by The Independent, that demonstrates the power of collective action. The fossil fuel-heavy tariffs that turned dominate the energy industry are typically cheaper than green tariffs, because renewable power requires a higher level of subsidy.
But by combining their buying power, the households were able to negotiate a rate that was £232 cheaper than the average Big Six customer pays for gas and electricity – while helping the planet by reducing CO2 emissions.
The deal struck with Good Energy, a British company based in Wiltshire that generates renewable electricity, will be confirmed tomorrow. The firm, which has its own wind turbines and solar farms, previously supplied electricity to about 55,000 customers.
The alliance of customers was brought together through the Clean Energy Switch campaign, which was launched at the start of the month by the activism group 38 Degrees and the Big Deal, a consumer collective. “People power’s delivered. By coming together we’ve got an incredible deal. And by switching en masse we’re sending a powerful message to the Big Six and to Government – we’re sick of being ripped off, misled and treated badly by big polluting companies,” Maddy Carroll, campaign director at 38 Degrees, said.

Big Six providers lose 100,000 households to ground-breaking green energy scheme | Environment | The Independent

The campaign group 38 Degrees is urging a last push:

Clean Energy Switch: two days to go

Something incredible is happening: people power is taking on dirty energy companies, and we’re winning. In our thousands, 38 Degrees members are moving to a cleaner, cheaper energy supplier.
Are you sick of the polluting, overpriced Big Six energy companies like Npower and British Gas? Now on a mass scale, 38 Degrees members are switching to a cleaner deal. We’re using our light switches, kitchen stoves and radiators to beat big business at their own game.
If you sign up in the next two days you can be part of it too. Over 100,000 of us have negotiated a people-powered deal with a better supplier: it’s clean, and it’s on average £232 cheaper than the Big Six – all that’s needed is you.  
It’s simple to join the Clean Energy Switch: just click this link, make sure you’re happy with the deal, and then fill out a short form to switch
Here’s how it works:
Once you’re ready to be a part of the switch it will only take about 5 minutes to complete. All you need to have to hand is a few basic details about your energy use. Here are the four steps to follow:
1. Enter your email address and postcode into the switch website:
2. Enter some basic details about your current energy supplier, so they can calculate how much you’ll be spending with your new supplier (but it’s ok if you don’t know all your details)
3. See how much you’ll save and decide whether or not you want to switch
4. If you decide to switch, just enter your bank details into the secure website and our expert switching partners at the Big Deal will take care of the rest for you. Simple.
Plus, for every one of us who switch, 38 Degrees gets £12.50 to fund our campaigning together.

There’s only two days left to join – will you join thousands of others now? Click here to see the cleaner, cheaper deal and decide if you want to switch

Clean Energy Switch: two days to go - 38 Degrees

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