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Dark Sky Discovery Sites in East Devon

Some good news from the District Council:

The darker the night, the brighter East Devon’s stars will shine

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24 August 2015
Knapp Copse Local Nature Reserve, near Putts Corner has been officially recognised as a great place from which to look at the night sky
Knapp Copse Local Nature Reserve, near Putts Corner has been officially recognised as a great place from which to look at the night sky

East Devon District Council’s Knapp Copse and Trinity Hill nature reserves achieve Dark Sky Discovery Site status

East Devon District Council’s  Countryside team is delighted to report that its recent application for Dark Sky Discovery Site status  for two of the county’s nature reserves has been successful. Knapp Copse Local Nature Reserve, near Putts Corner, and Trinity Hill Local Nature Reserve, near Axminster, have been officially recognised as great places from which to look at the night sky.
Both sites met the Dark Sky Discovery Site criteria as they are away from the worst of any local light pollution, provide good sightlines of the sky and have good public access.
Councillor Iain ChubbPortfolio holder for the Environment at East Devon District Council said:
This is a fantastic recognition for two of our slightly more remote sites, and what this really shows is that there are many reasons to visit the east Devon countryside – Local Nature Reserves like Knapp Copse and Trinity Hill aren’t just great spots for a walk with the family, or to see some wildlife, but they can also be places to just take in the most breathtaking view of all – the night sky.
David Strange from the Norman Lockyer Observatory  said:
We were very happy to support East Devon District Council's application for Dark Sky Discovery Site status for Knapp Copse and Trinity Hill nature reserves. The NLO welcomes all efforts to preserve our dark skies in the locality, and to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the majestic sight of our Milky Way galaxy arching over our heads.
24 August 2015 - The darker the night, the brighter East Devon’s stars will shine - East Devon

Also covered in the Herald:
Dark Sky Status to preserve majestic sight for generations - News - Sidmouth Herald

And here's a comment on the LocalGov website:

Very nice, pity it rains so often making observing the night skies a lottery. Nice little observatory though, with a great planetarium. One of the good causes that EDC has supported in this many years.

Devon nature reserves secure Dark Sky status - LocalGov

There are several websites devoted to 'dark skies':

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