Thursday, 10 September 2015

NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group >>> >>> >>> 'not fit for purpose'

There has been considerable disquiet of late about the whole process of how public healthcare is determined and managed in East Devon:
Futures Forum: Community hospitals: when 'resilience' means 'reduction'
Futures Forum: East Devon health panel recommends: keep provision local

A campaign group is questioning the process by which decisions are reached:

OTTERY: Hospital campaigners seek judicial review

1st September 2015 by Peter Hodges peter@pemedia.co.uk

OTTERY hospital supporters are seeking a judicial review over the decision to close inpatient beds and the minor injuries unit.

The supporters group is challenging the process in which the decision was made by the Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (New Devon CCG) and is working with others who have similar problems and are keen to link with other groups, including the League of Friends of Ottery Hospital, and local councils.

James Goddard, who has led the Ottery campaign from the beginning said they must demonstrate to the CCG and others involved in taking decisions which ignore the wishes of local people and undermine their interests, that they are “blatantly wrong.”

Mr Goddard said: “Community hospitals must be saved, not least to prevent bed-blocking and Black Alerts at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. The closure of the minor injuries unit means that people will have to travel further, thus creating additional demand on hospitals already under pressure from those who are ill.”

Two thousand people signed a petition in favour of sustaining Ottery Hospital and many of those felt the CCG’s process which led to the decision, was profoundly dissatisfying.

The intention for the judicial review is to demonstrate that the decision was not in the public interest and that the process was flawed. The group is being backed by professional experts and is now considering how best to move forward in the limited time available to activate a request for a review, and some considerable preliminary work has already been done. A judicial review is a challenge on how a decision was reached, not whether it was right or wrong.

OTTERY: Hospital campaigners seek judicial review - View from Sidmouth

Now comes really damning analysis of the New Devon CCG.

The NHS Commissioning Board has demanded an improvement plan which will make its 'capacity, capability and governance ... fit for purpose'.

This is from the latest View from Sidmouth:

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