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The Town Council has started on the Neighbourhood Planning journey for Sidmouth:
Futures Forum: Vision Group report from Town Council committee on neighbourhood plan
Futures Forum: Neighbourhood planning @ Sidmouth Town Council >>> meeting Monday 6th July

There is a lot of guidance out there for putting together a NP:
Futures Forum: The Neighbourhood Planning Network in Bristol .... planning from the bottom up
Futures Forum: Civic Voice: and Neighbourhood Plans
Futures Forum: Neighbourhood Plans
Futures Forum: Neighbourhood plans: an extra £23m: "Giving local people a real say in shaping what gets built where."

The EDW blog gives a few more places to go:


23 Sept 2015

First of all, a useful link to what EXACTLY is the role of a town or parish council in the formation of a Neighbourhood Plan

What is the role of a parish or town council in neighbourhood planning?

In a designated neighbourhood area which contains all or part of the administrative area of a town or parish council, the town or parish council is responsible for neighbourhood planning.

Where a parish or town council chooses to produce a neighbourhood plan or Order it should work with other members of the community who are interested in, or affected by, the neighbourhood planning proposals to allow them to play an active role in preparing a neighbourhood plan or Order.

The relationship between any group and the formal functions of the town or parish council should be transparent to the wider public. For example it should be clear whether a steering group or other body is a formal sub-committee of the parish or town council. The terms of reference for a steering group or other body should be published and the minutes of meetings made available to the public.

Who leads neighbourhood planning in an area? | Planning Practice Guidance

And this website will be useful to those who are not entirely certain that the parish council has grasped what transparency means:

From which we glean the following information:

Examination by a suitably qualified independent person:

The neighbourhood plan examination is one of the most important stages of the process. The plan must be examined by a suitably qualified independent person who does not have an interest in any land that may be affected by the neighbourhood plan. The examiners role is to test the plan against the basic conditions and ensure the legislative requirements have been met. Following the examination a report will be issued which will include a recommendation on whether the plan should proceed to referendum.
Here are some top tips on how to make the process of appointing an examiner as smooth as possible:
• Remember the Local Planning Authority (LPA) is responsible for appointing the examiner and paying for the cost of the examination. However, the qualifying body must agree with the appointment. It is the responsibility of the LPA to ensure the examiner:

a) is independent of the qualifying body and the authority,
b) does not have an interest in any land that may be affected by the draft order, and
c) has appropriate qualifications and experience.

Given the extensive interest in land that Colyton Council and Feoffees have, this appointment will be crucial.

A few tips for the Colyton and Colyford Neighbourhood Plan | East Devon Watch

Meanwhile, other East Devon towns have or are developing their NPs:
Futures Forum: Neighbourhood Plan @ Newton Poppleford: input needed: Monday 16th February
Futures Forum: Save Clyst St Mary: of neighbourhood plans and over-development: next public meeting: Thurs 19th February
Futures Forum: Honiton and Ottery St Mary >>> calling upon residents to 'shape the future' with Neighbourhood Plans
Futures Forum: "Speeding up the time it takes to designate a neighbourhood plan area"
Futures Forum: Neighbourhood Plans for towns in East Devon: Axminster and Ottery St Mary

And in Frome:
Futures Forum: Neighbourhood planning @ Frome Town Council >>>

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