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Knowle relocation project: deadline for comments >>> Friday 11th November >>> further amendments to PegasusLife planning application

The developer at Knowle has produced amendments to their planning application:
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: further amendments to PegasusLife planning application >>> deadline for comments: Friday 11th November

Here is a note from Save Our Sidmouth, reminding us of this Friday's deadline for comments:

URGENT! Just two more days left for comment on latest revisions to Knowle plans. DEADLINE THIS FRIDAY (11/11/2016).

November 8, 2016 by sidmouthsid

Please comment on latest changes to Pegasus Life planning application (quote ref. 16/0872/MFUL), not later than this FRIDAY 11 November by emailing planningcentral@eastdevon.gov.uk or writing to the Central Team at EDDC Knowle, Sidmouth.

Please send a copy to Heloise at Town Council on planningclerk@sidmouth.gov.uk .

Revised drainage and bat mitigation reports and changes to Building E are available on the EDDC website and can be viewed at the Council Offices at Knowle.

NOTE: Objections should be in your own words, and must be based on planning grounds, as in the submission below, provided as an example:
‘Amendments to the design and footprint of Building E and associated landscaping:

EDDC’s Chief Planning Officer’s concerns about the “bulk, scale and massing” * of Buildings D and E resulting from their forward projection as well as their impact on the listed summerhouse and his recommendation that “Building E be set back “ to the existing office footprint “to remove the harm to the setting of the listed building” have received only a token response from PegasusLife, with minor and mainly cosmetic changes that do little to address the issues. Although Building E has been set back a few metres it will be on higher ground and the equivalent of at least 60 feet high, dwarfing the listed folly. Its impact will be at least as serious as was the previous proposal, especially as ground levels will be raised as well. The two buildings D & E will dominate the park and in no way “tastefully ornament” the listed building. (The recent growth of vegetation near the folly is a direct result of neglect on the part of the Council. Until recently the listed building has enjoyed a spacious green setting and this should have been and should be maintained.)

The excessive number of apartments and the bulk and massing of the buildings, particularly those on the lawn terraces, together with the steep slope of the internal road leading to the car park and raised ground levels will exacerbate the flood/drainage problems referred to in the latest drainage report. Planting a few small trees will in no way compensate for the large ones chopped down .

It would be hard to find a more obvious example of overdevelopment and unsustainable development than this.

(* see letter from Tibbalds 4 August 2016, in Consultee Comments)’

URGENT! Just two more days left for comment on latest revisions to Knowle plans. DEADLINE THIS FRIDAY (11/11/2016). | Save Our Sidmouth
A response to PegasusLife Knowle extra documents | East Devon Watch

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