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The future of Sidmouth's hospital: getting the figures right

There has been widespread opposition to proposals to cut hospital beds in Sidmouth and the wider County:
Futures Forum: The future of Sidmouth's hospital >>> protesting at the NHS public consultation: reports 

Meanwhile, there seems to be confusion over these figures have been put together:

Claims the criterion for bed cuts in eastern Devon is flawed

21 November 2016 Eleanor Pipe

Sidmouth representatives fight for town’s inpatient beds

Claims that Sidmouth hosptial lacks accessibility for carers - being used as justification for potentially shutting its inpatient beds - have been challenged by the town’s county representative.

Councillor Stuart Hughes has questioned the criterion used by health bosses to determine proposals, under which the town stands to lose all of its inpatient beds. He spoke out following a public meeting last week where the Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) outlined its case for cutting 71 community hospital beds across the region.

Cllr Hughes said: “The consultation document makes it look as if Sidmouth is difficult to access, when, in fact, on the research I have done, it has by far the best geographical spread for access by public transport, which most carers actually take to visit their loved ones and family in hospital.”

He provided a list of more than 30 bus routes to and from Sidmouth that stop in All Saints Road - approximately 60 metres from the hospital - and pointed out that the facility also has ample parking.

Cllr Hughes added: “I have also raised concerns over the so-called rapid response. Has the CCG taken into consideration the very likelihood of more winter weather events involving snow and ice where it would be several days before home help could access many patients?”

He questioned whether issues with flooding had been considered in the CCG’s plan to develop a more home-based care model and raised concerns about the chance of people in the town getting cut off.

Cllr Hughes said: “I believe that, for these issues alone, the Sidmouth beds should remain. As county councillor for Sidmouth, I am fighting on.”

Chairman of Sidmouth Victoria Hospital Comforts Fund Graham Vincent agreed the criterion is flawed.

He said: “The access by bus is good. We have 51 spaces in the on-site car park, plus all the parking in May Terrace and All Saints Road, so we have an excess of 60 car parking spaces. The hospital is in the middle of the town and so easy to reach. Sidmouth should not be in the preferred option [for bed cuts].”

Mr Vincent also pointed out that Sidmouth hospital is unique in having a junior doctor on site four days-a-week.

Claims the criterion for bed cuts in eastern Devon is flawed - Home - Sidmouth Herald

Today on-line, the Herald carries a part-response from the NHS authorities considering the cuts:

Health bosses refute claims incorrect data was used in East Devon hospital bed cut proposals

30 November 2016

Concerns raised after wrong postcodes published
Health bosses have refuted claims that incorrect data was used to determine which community hospitals in East Devon should stand to lose inpatient beds.

Concerns were raised about a public consultation process being run by the Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) after the wrong postcodes were published on its website.

These played a significant role in the criterion for determining which hospital beds should be cut, based on travel times and ease of access.

While the CCG’s documents have now been corrected, the mistake prompted concerns about whether the incorrect postcodes were used in the decision-making process.

A CCG spokesman said: “The postcodes were printed wrongly in the appendix when columns were transposed, but we can confirm that the correct data was used for the calculations.”

The public consultation runs until January 6, 2017, and the public is asked to comment on the four options – two of these, including the preferred choice, will see Sidmouth lose its inpatient beds.

View consultation documents and have your say online via: www.newdevonccg.nhs.uk.

Paper copies can be picked up from Sidmouth’s leisure centre, library, hospital, town council offices and pharmacies.

The CCG is hosting a drop-in event as part of its ongoing consultation on Friday, December 16, from 2.30pm to 4.30pm, at Kennaway House, in Sidmouth, where residents are welcome to ask questions and leave feedback.

Health bosses refute claims incorrect data was used in East Devon hospital bed cut proposals - News - Sidmouth Herald

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