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The future of East Devon's hospitals >> 38 Degrees petition

The campaigns around hospitals in East Devon are hotting up:
Futures Forum: The future of Sidmouth's hospital >>> protesting at the NHS public consultation: reportsFutures Forum: The future of East Devon's hospitals >>> campaigning to keep - and expand funding
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The 38 Degrees campaigning group have launched a petition:

To: Chairman of NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group; Secretary of State for Health; Health Select Committee

Save Community Hospital Beds in East Devon

Save Community Hospital Beds in East Devon
Patients demand that Devon CCG: 
• Does not cut more community beds in the ‘Eastern Locality’ 
• Ensures that properly funded and adequate community care is in place and judged to meet care quality standards
We ask the Chairman of Devon Clinical Commissioning Group and Devon's MPs to back this request and ask the Secretary of State for Health, and the Health Select Committee to intervene and stop this programme of cuts before patients suffer.

Save Community Hospital Beds in East Devon | Campaigns by You

With this email having been sent out urging people to sign the petition:

Over half of the beds in East Devon’s community hospitals could be axed. [1] Chris, from Devon, is worried that patients with dementia and patients recovering from operations could be sent home early without the care they need. So he’s started a petition on the 38 Degrees website demanding health bosses keep the beds open.

Nothing is set in stone. A public consultation over the bed cuts is going on right now. [2] Devon Council have already spoken out against the plan calling it “potentially devastating”. [3] A huge petition would show NHS bosses that the public doesn’t back these plans either. It might be enough to keep the beds open.

Sign the petition if you think that doctors, not the number of beds, should decide when people get sent home: It only takes 30 seconds.

Sign the petition

Here’s what Chris says:

“Many people in community hospital beds cannot be cared for at home. Closing more community hospital beds with no proven plan for care in place is high risk. The proposals as they stand, without adequate funding for alternative care, may save money, but they will not improve patient care and may compromise patient safety.”

The proposed cuts to East Devon’s hospital beds come as part of Health Minister Jeremy Hunt’s ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plans’. [4] The full details of these plans across the country will be published in late November.

38 Degrees are campaigning on the plans across the UK to make sure decisions are based on what patients need, not just saving money. Together we’re trying to ensure that local patients get to say what they think is the right decision for each area, and in this case Chris thinks closing hospital beds in Devon will lead to patients getting worse care.

This isn’t the first campaign that Chris has won. In 2014, Chris set up a petition to save the Dorchester Hospital Pathology Lab that gained over 3,800 signatures and forced NHS bosses to fully fund the service. [5] It really showed that when we come together in our thousands we can make a difference.

Please join Chris in his campaign to save hospital beds in East Devon. It only takes one minute:


[1] Exeter Express and Echo: Revealed: Where will 72 community hospital beds be lost in Devon?

[2] East Devon UK news: Council urges local East Devon MPs to continue to speak out against hospital bed closures:

[3] Midweek Herald: Register to have your say on plans to cut community hospital beds in East Devon

[4] 38 Degrees: NHS Secret Plans press release

[5] 38 Degrees: Save Dorchester Hospital Pathology Lab

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