Monday, 27 February 2017

Campaigning to stop the government from 'killing off the UK's solar industry before it can become the cheapest form of electricity'

Solar energy has got a future - at least it did a year ago:
Futures Forum: Community energy >>> "We are changing the world" >>> the fracking village that's going solar

Whilst the rest of the world seems to be going for solar and other renewable energy sources...
Futures Forum: Modern energy >>> the world is shifting toward renewables

... the UK government doesn't seem so keen:
Futures Forum: Climate change: and goodbye to the Department of Energy and Climate Change

... and prefers to subsidize non-renewables:
Futures Forum: Climate change: and ending fossil fuel subsidies

Not only are these technologies proving very unattractive...
Energy groups axe UK renewable projects - Financial Times
UK's attractiveness for renewables investment plummets to all-time low | Environment | The Guardian

... but the government wants to increase taxes considerably:
Government accused of trying to kill off UK solar industry before it can become cheapest form of electricity | The Independent
PV - UK solar industry warning over new tax hike which could 'kill off' solar - Renewable Energy Magazine, at the heart of clean energy journalism

Campaign groups are pushing for the government to support solar and wind energy - rather than 'kill it off':
secure.greenpeace.org.uk | Help save UK solar power
The government are determined to block renewables at every turn. Sign our petition now.
Onshore wind power is cheap, clean and popular. But the government are blocking it out of the energy market by taking away financial support for new projects. And worse, they’re dragging large-scale solar down too (whilst continuing to support fossil fuels...).
Sign the petition
This is part of a much wider assault on clean energy. Back in September, we broke the news that state schools with solar would be hit badly by changes to business rates. Since then, Greenpeace and the Solar Trade Association have been running a great campaign to reverse these changes. If you’ve not signed their petition too, you should.
If we’re going to have any chance of meeting our carbon emission targets - let alone tackling climate change - we need to fight both of these issues together: the cuts to new solar and wind, and the sudden tax on existing projects.
Our petition closes at 4pm on Thursday 2nd March. We have three days to gather as many voices as we can to stand up for clean energy.
Are you with us?
Sign our petition

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