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A Neighbourhood Plan for the Sid Valley: full report on second household questionnaire now available

The Sid Vale Neighbourhood Planners were busy over the summer:
Futures Forum: A Neighbourhood Plan for the Sid Valley: publishing survey results and writing draft policies

And now the full report putting together information and analysis on the second survey is available to view:

2nd Household Survey 
-  Report is Now Available to View

The second and final household consultation closed in June 2017 and the response was incredible. Over 1800 households completed the online or paper survey to tell us their views about future development and how this impacts on the natural and human-made environment, our housing and the community who live in this beautiful valley.
Thank you to everyone who responded – we really appreciate the time and effort you gave to tell us your views which will help ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan truly reflects the wishes of the community.
The results have all been analysed and the report is now available to view by clicking on this link.

NeighbourHood Plan - Sidmouth Town Council
2nd Household Survey – Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan

With coverage in today's Herald:

Latest Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan results revealed

PUBLISHED: 07:17 29 September 2017 | UPDATED: 07:24 29 September 2017

A beautiful view of Sidmouth from Salcombe Hill. Ref shr Sidmouth up close 7283. Picture: Alex Walton.

The results of the final questionnaire for the latest Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan were published today (Friday)

Results from the latest Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan (SVNP) questionnaire were published 
today (Friday).
The second household survey of its kind had a 25 per cent response rate, with 1,863 questionnaires being returned, representing the 
largest ever survey of local opinion in the valley.
Residents highlighted the importance of retaining the historic appearance and local distinctiveness of the Sid Valley, with 90 per cent of people supporting the protection of key views like the seafront, the Byes, Salcombe Hill and Peak Hill.
Great importance was placed on the need for a balanced community that meets the needs of the whole population by proactively providing mixed housing, including affordable and social homes.
The level of allocated housing 
for the Sid Valley was deemed 
‘about right’. However, people recognised the need for affordable homes for young people.
Overall, 83 per cent of respondents expressed desires to see new restrictions to address issues with empty second homes.
New housing on built-up area boundaries and on brownfield sites was also strongly supported.
And, people supported making use of brownfield sites, particularly for small-scale start-up businesses that provide quality employment.
Overall, 81 per cent supported additional small-scale employment space within the built-up areas, and 90 per cent support initiatives which make better use of the Alexandria Employment Site. A total of 93 per cent thought that encouraging young people to stay through the creation of quality employment opportunities was very important.
Community and culture was considered to be a vital, with 94 per cent wishing to protect public open spaces and 84 per cent supporting the provision of indoor and all weather accessible recreation spaces.
The SVNP team is now drafting policies based on their findings.
The resulting draft Neighbourhood Plan will then be consulted on by Sidmouth Town Council and East Devon District Council, as well as other relevant statutory bodies before going out for external inspection and finally a referendum.
Visit www.sidvalleyneighbourhood
plan.com to see all the results.

Latest Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan results revealed - Latest Sidmouth and Ottery News - Sidmouth Herald

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