Monday, 25 September 2017

Compare green energy prices and suppliers

A local company does a very nice job of helping people to find what they're looking for vis-à-vis renewable energy solutions:
Futures Forum: Find & compare renewable energy installers, suppliers and information on >>> eco-friendly green energy homes, microgeneration, energy efficiency, wind turbines, solar panels, micro-hydro, biomass boilers, heat pumps

Because this particular blog is not in the business of promoting particular businesses, here's another very good outfit:

GreenMatch is a London-based company offering pretty much the same:
Greenmatch.co.uk - Match Quotes & Suppliers | GreenMatch

And, again, they have a pretty good blog:
  • Nuclear Energy in the UK: Green or Not?

    Fossil power generation is being replaced with nuclear power plants in the UK. That is definitely an improvement, though are they really as good for the environment as we believe so?
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  • Earthships: Is It Time to Live a Radically Sustainable Life?

    Have you ever dreamed about living 'off-grid' and being more financially independent? What if we tell you that it is becoming possible thanks to a sustainable design originated in the United States called Earthships? Learn more about this concept and see why it is crucial for our society to get to know this design better.
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  • Tackling Food Waste with Internet of Things

    Food waste continues to be an insurmountable problem that occurs throughout the entire food supply chain. The numbers are alarming, and the future demand entails a major increase in food production. Internet of Things solutions tackle this problem by providing access to real-time data, which leads to better decisions and optimisation of resources.
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  • Best Green Lifestyle Bloggers 2017

    Green lifestyle became a trend and that's why a lot of bloggers from different industries decided to increase the awareness about it. Check who are the Best Bloggers in 2017!
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  • EU Countries by Production of Clean Energy

    In 2014, all EU nations, with the exception of one, demonstrated a sustainable power source share which was equivalent to or higher than their designated pathway. In 2015, 25 member states surpassed their individual pathways with some even outperforming their 2020 targets.
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  • Does Renewable Energy Create Jobs ?

    Do you think there are no job possibilities in renewable energy sector? Then watch the video and you will change your mind.
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  • The Ultimate Guide to RHI and Heat Pumps

    Did you know that you can save up to £ 29.442 per year on your heating costs by applying to the Renewable Heat Incentives? Read this article for more information.
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  • Global Production of Solar&Wind Electricity

    Wind and Solar power is a great source of renewable energy that most of the countries use to produce electricity. GreenMatch created the top countries that advanced in this technology and ensured a sustainable future for their people.
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