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Friends of the Byes: wildflower meadow for July 2017

Every year for the last five, the Friends of the Byes have been giving us a fantastic show in Sid Meadow: and this is from 2014:
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Futures Forum: Sid Meadow in July: third year in flower

You can see how busy the group has been on their webpages:
Friends of The Byes / Sidmouth BEE Project - Home | Facebook

Or here in the Herald:

Sidmouth wildflower meadow and tree project benefit from £550

PUBLISHED: 19:31 01 April 2017

Cheque presentation from Richard Huntington of the SVA to Simon Newell of the Friends of the Byes group. Ref shs 13-17TI 9628. Picture: Terry Ife

A new community tree nursery is hoping to bloom over the next year after receiving £550 from the Keith Owen Fund.
A new community tree nursery and a wildflower meadow have received a £550 boost from the Keith Owen Fund.
The Sid Vale Association (SVA) has match-funded the amount raised by the Friends of the Byes (FoTB) to put towards two projects.
FoTB has been fundraising to add wildflowers to Sid Meadow after allowing the area to regenerate following its display in 2014.
Michael Horsnell, chairman of the group, said: “With this grant, we are happily working with East Devon District Council to bring another year’s display of wildflowers to Sid Meadow. The wildflowers encourage large amounts of pollinating insects to visit The Byes, along with locals and visitors that enjoy the picturesque display.”
The group will begin rotavating an area of the meadow in April, in the hope wild flowers will bloom this summer.
FoTB’s second project is to create a community tree nursery with the help of local schools to collect and cultivate tree seeds for the children to pot and plant. Some of the grant will go towards the cost of buying pots and some tools.
Mr Horsnell said: “Trees within the Sid Valley are facing many threats, including diseases, weather and housing pressures, so involving local children to help grow another generation of trees is important for them.”
Richard Huntington, from the SVA, added: “The Byes is a much-loved Sidmouth resource and we are pleased to support the Friends of The Byes in its efforts for the enjoyment of the community and as a legacy for the next generation in whom, through activities like this, we are sowing the seeds of interest and encouragement.”
On Monday, pupils from Sidmouth Primary School took part in a wildlife group activity project to plant trees near the Sid Park Road entrance of The Byes.
Simon Newell, FoTB treasurer, said: “Since it was formed in 2010, volunteers have enjoyed developing The Byes into a pleasant, biodiverse environment. We will also be re-introducing the popular wildflower meadows this year. We are very grateful to the SVA for its support as we seek to expand our activities.”
The group also welcomes donations of trees from residents to use in The Byes or nearby as part of its community nursery.
FoTB is on the lookout for volunteers to help at its weekly meeting in The Byes on Saturdays between 10am and noon.
Apply to the Keith Owen Fund online by visiting www:sidvaleassociation.org

Sidmouth wildflower meadow and tree project benefit from £550 - Breaking news & sport in Sidmouth | Sidmouth Herald

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