Thursday, 26 May 2016

A new movement 'encouraging voters to support their local Independent Candidates and move away from Party Politics'

There is clearly an 'anti-politics' emerging - with the extremes on both left and right making most noise on both sides of the Atlantic. 

But not all of this 'anti-politics' is quite that nasty.

For example, in Iceland, a new form of politics is challenging the old:
The Future Of Democracy Rises In Iceland | PirateTimes
Independence Party and Pirate Party largest in Iceland | IceNews - Daily News

And in the UK, a new movement has appeared:

The No Party Movement is simply:

“A Global Political Movement bringing real power to the People and leading the true political revolution – by taking the party out of Politics”

The No Party, is NOT a Political Party, we are a Global Political Movement, encouraging the voters around the world to support their local Independent Candidates and move away from Party Politics and create a modern representation in office through voting for Independents.

About us and what we are about…No Party | No Party

Things are also happening on the ground closer to home:
Futures Forum: Indpendents gather in Totnes: Weds 25th May
Indie-town – coming to a town near you | East Devon Watch

INDIE-TOWN - or How To Start Your Own
​Independent Revolution...

Comment from Peter Macfadyen

What is it about change that scares people so much?  Why do we tend to stick with the known, even when it is patently clear that whatever it is fails to meet our needs?  While it was always going to be a struggle for Winchester Independents to dent the party machine at a District level, the people of Sutton Coldfield had formed a new Parish Council in order to have a degree of independence from Big Brother Birmingham.  So it is something of a shock that they went on to vote on party lines...with four notable exceptions.  These brave souls will now have to try and put forward ideas to place Sutton Coldfield into the 21C.... which hopefully will get taken up.  We are largely stuck in a paradigm of dis-functionality at the Parish level and without a little more bravely from the electorate, it’s depressingly hard to see how to escape.

"We need to take the power from the political elite and give it to the man and woman on the street".  David Cameron, 2009

Even if the government has followed up those fine words, throughout Britain the parish and town councils through which the men and women need to find that power, are largely dysfunctional.  How can they be relevant to the 21st century - reinvigorated as the route between the people and big decisions? 

The Indie-Town project has been created to share news of towns and villages which have broken the mould. If you care about anything (but not much about political parties) read on...

FAQs - Indie-town.uk
Indie-town.uk - Home

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