Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Crime in Sidmouth: ‘we've kept a lid on it’

The good news is that there hasn't been much change in the rate of crime in the Sid Valley:

Sidmouth records 0.5% crime drop

09 May 2016 Clarissa Place

Crime in Sidmouth was described as ‘nothing but consistent’ after a 0.5 per cent drop in recorded incidents over the last year.
Sergeant Andy Squires told Sidmouth Town Council on Monday that 412 crimes were reported between April 1, 2015, and March 31, 2106, compared to 414 in the previous 12 months.

Officers also dealt with 1,555 incidents, which included immediate call-outs, calls for assistance and routine inspections.

Sgt Squires told the annual town assembly on Monday: “There have been no particular enormous increases or decreases in any particular crime. They are pretty much on par with one another. We have kept a lid on it, which is good.”

He compared the total with yearly figures from Dawlish and Exeter, which saw 3,119, and 43,621 crimes dealt with, respectively. Sgt Squires said officers have conducted a number of operations to tackle issues including boy racers in the Manor Road car park, off-road motorcyclists and four-wheel drive vehicles reportedly causing problems for dog walkers near Core Hill, Fire Beacon Hill, East Hill strips and Muttersmoor.

Police also held a number of successful ‘have your say’ surgeries. As a result, officers will prioritise speeding, antisocial behaviour and alcohol-related crime, over the next three months. Police have also worked in a multi-agency operation spot-checking cars. Since July, they have stopped 169 vehicles. Of these, 42 contained red diesel, 22 motorists were driving prohibited vehicles and there were 13 motoring offences.

Sidmouth records 0.5% crime drop - News - Sidmouth Herald

And yet there are plans afoot to bring in more CCTV coverage in the centre of town:
Revealed: Sidmouth sergeant’s plan for CCTV - News - Sidmouth Herald

Although there is considerable debate going on:
Streelife users have mixed views on Sidmouth CCTV scheme - News - Sidmouth Herald
Futures Forum: CCTV 'to catch criminals and protect vulnerable citizens' ... And yet, 'Sidmouth has the lowest figures of actual crime, but the highest fear of crime anywhere in the UK.'

Why is there this disconnect between crime figures and the perception of crime?

The Mean World Syndrome -- Clip - YouTube
Mean world syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Meanwhile, elections for the Police Commissioner have happened:
Futures Forum: Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall >>> elections Thursday 5th May

But these have already been mired in controversy:
WATCH: Devon crime tsar Alison Hernandez faces grilling from Channel 4's Michael Crick | Exeter Express and Echo

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