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National Vegetarian Week >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> BBC One's Countryfile goes Veggie

This week has been Vegetarian Week:
Welcome to the National Vegetarian Week Kitchen Table |
Dear vegetarians, thank you for your efforts to protect animals – but you could do much better | Voices | The Independent

BBC One's Countryfile looked at veggie themes yesterday:

Veggie Theme

From carrots to cauliflower, peas to parsnips we are a nation of vegetable lovers. To mark National Vegetarian Week, Countryfile is taking a look at all things veggie. 
Matt Baker is at the heart of the JerseyRoyal Potato Harvest. 
Ellie Harrison gets artistic with her vegetables to create a landscape photograph with a difference. 
Naomi Wilkinson tastes the delights of Indian vegetarian cooking. 
Champion free runner and vegan Tim Shieff goes head to head with sheep farmer Gareth Wyn Jones to debate the pros and cons of veganism. 
Adam Henson looks into the future of farming when he visits an urban farm built in tunnels 33 metres below the streets of London. 
And Tom Heap investigates the threats facing our vegetable producers and finds out why many feel that the days of British veg are numbered.

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Jersey Royal Potatoes

Jersey Royal Potatoes
Jersey’s connection with the humble potato goes back centuries. Matt Baker is visiting the island as its annual potato harvest is in full swing. He discovers the history of the island’s ties with the potato while digging up this year’s earliest crop of Jersey Royals with farmers Christine and Didier Hellio. He learns just how important the spud still is to island life during the annual potato growing competition at St.Lawrence School. Back with Christine and Didier, Matt reveals the scale of the potato harvest as he follows the crop through to the multi-million pound packing plant.
More information, recipes, and history of Jersey Royals 

Freerunning vegan vs Welsh hill farmer

Freerunning vegan vs Welsh hill farmer
As we celebrate our great British veg crop, we ask whether we even need to consume meat or animal products at all in the UK. Vegan freerunner Tim Shieff argues that the cost to life of meat production isn’t worth the benefits. Welsh hill farmer and lamb producer Gareth Wyn Jones is fighting back, saying that his method of farming is the most sustainable possible and that it is vital to protect our environment and landscape.
Discover more about a vegan lifestyle

The Living Wage

The Living Wage
Tom Heap investigates why UK fruit and veg producers are worried the National Living Wage may put them out of business. Tom meets Becky Worne, a veg picker, for whom the living wage makes a huge difference. But Becky’s boss, Peter Thompson, though he supports the living wage, says his business just cannot afford it and is worried he may have to move production abroad to remain profitable. Would we pay more for our fruit and veg to support British horticulture?
Find out more about the National Living Wage

Growing underground

Growing underground
Adam Henson looks into the future of farming and visits an urban farm built in tunnels deep below the streets of London.
Underneath Clapham High Street, the tunnels were originally built during World War II to protect families from the bombs that caused havoc on the streets above.  This air-raid shelter had the capacity to accommodate 8,000 people, but is now being used to farm a range of salad and herbs. The state-of-the-art system uses the latest LED lighting technology and hydroponics to replicate ideal growing conditions. With the city above, it’s close to the consumer and with a growing population could it be the future of food production? 

Vegetarianism and Hindu culture

Vegetarianism and Hindu culture
Vegetarianism is considered by many to be a modern phenomenon, but Hinduism holds it at the centre of the religion, with thousands of years of history. In the heart of Yorkshire, family run, South Indian restaurant Prashad has a strong ethos when it comes to using local, seasonal produce. Naomi Wilkinson and chef, Minal Patel visit Yorkshire’s famous rhubarb triangle to pick some fresh rhubarb that they take back to the kitchens at Prashad, where they cook up a variety of dishes, including a sizzling starter for Naomi.

Discover more Indian vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes here

BBC One - Countryfile, Veggie Theme

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