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Community Assets @ Budleigh Salterton

How do you define a 'community asset'?

It depends: it can either be a formal list of 'Assets of Community Value' or something which the local council considers to be a 'community asset':
Futures Forum: Community Assets

There are many different ways to define these assets - with local neighbourhood plans ploughing their own furrow according to local need and local evidence:
Futures Forum: Community assets and neighbourhood planning

What is the Sid Valley's neighbour doing about these?
Budleigh Salterton Neighbourhood Plan - Home

It can be read here:
Neighbourhood Plan - Budleigh Salterton Neighbourhood Plan

And these are the references to 'community assets':

[The objectives of the NP] reflect the nature of the town and the direction the
community wants the Neighbourhood Plan to take, especially in securing the long term future of those community and environmental assets most precious to local residents.

Budleigh Salterton’s natural environment is a cornerstone of its economic and commercial future and is the town’s greatest asset.

Budleigh Salterton Community Gardens 
Justification - These recently re-sited gardens are a dearly loved and a community asset located within the built up area of the town. The opposition to the relocation of the previous community gardens was demonstrated vociferously by the town’s population a few years ago

Allotments are a valuable asset in promoting greater sustainability within local communities and are recognised as being of particular importance in urban areas, especially where individual gardens may be small in size

The value of the allotments to sections of the community are such for BS Town Council to seek a nomination for inclusion on EDDC’s Assets of Community Value, subject to criteria being met.

Budleigh Salterton has a wide range of sports and recreational facilities. These cater for all ages within the town and surrounding area and make an important contribution to the health and wellbeing of the community. As do the many thriving clubs, groups and societies. The town’s position on the World Heritage Jurassic Coast, its unique position in the EDAONB, its beach and seafront are its greatest assets. It also benefits from having a first rate local Primary School and an excellent medical centre.

The following outdoor sports and recreation facilities will be protected: 
• Football - Budleigh Salterton AFC, Greenway Lane 
• Golf - East Devon Golf Club, Links Road
• etc...

The seafront and beach area at Budleigh Salterton are its greatest asset. The coastline at Budleigh Salterton is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Jurassic Coast which stretches from Exmouth in the west to Poole in Dorset in the east. The unique pebble beach, sandstone cliffs and the mouth of the River Otter are features that attract visitors and are one of the main aspects of the town that residents wished to preserve

As stated earlier the beach and seafront of the Town are its greatest asset. While used extensively by families this asset is underutilised. Kayaking, paddle-boarding and fishing do take place but at present there are limited facilities for participants. Provision of storage facilities would help to encourage both individuals and clubs to make use of this asset.

The Budleigh Salterton Medical Practice supports over 8000 patients in
Budleigh Salterton and the surrounding area. The health care service at the medical practice is considered a valued asset to the community and provides
excellent care for its patients. The medical centre provides a range of services to patients outside of regular GP appointments, including but not limited to: 
Nurse Clinics, GP Home Visits, Community Nurses


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