A wide range of leaders from organisations across the South West of England (including from the public, business and education sectors) have been discussing how they can work together under a common banner to enable a common strategy for increased productivity and prosperity for all. Great South West is the working title for this.
With over £100bn of business opportunities, the South West has much to contribute to UK plc; a dynamic and progressive South West economy can generate the critical success factors needed for a successful national economy.
Our strategy for greater prosperity is to collaborate to promote
  • a self-sustaining and resillient South West ....
  • with innovation, enterprise and infrastructure .... 
  • with productive people and rewarding careers ...
  • utilising our natural  and entreprenurial capital ...
  • and sharing the benefits for all
We are focused towards having a clear and consistent strategy in time for the Autumn Statement.


  • Great South West looks to build on existing good practice and collaborative working such as the science and innovation audit

  • By working together as a region will ensure that the South West has a strong voice to highlight investment opportunities to national and international private and public investors; as well as projecting a positive and progressive image for all

  • It will help to support the economic growth and prosperity of the whole region by linking up programmes and ensuring that the asks and priorities are consistent and reflect the strengths of the region

  • The Great Southwest does not intend to impede individuals or groups from their own initiatives or joining with others. We will not be a bureaucracy; but look to support and add value where it can.

  • It aims to support a flourishing private sector and a highly skilled population able to make the most of the great opportunities that the South West has to offer

Note: The name Great South West is a working title at present and may alter as the intiative gains momentum in order to be appropriate and resonate with all parties.  This is not a brand used by the West of England LEP for their local authority areas.