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"Poor quality of waste collected" in Devon

There have been issues around the new waste collection system in East Devon:
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Now there are issues around what's happening in Brixham - as the top story on this evening's BBC Spotlight reports:
BBC One - Spotlight

It's been going on for months - with Councillors complaining about how everything is just chucked into the same bin - so, why bother?

Waste issues could last for for months

Wednesday, 28 June 2017 By Ellen Grindley in Environment

Under-fire Tor2 has admitted it could be two months before waste collections are back to normal.

The struggling waste company has been heavily criticised for ongoing failings which have left rubbish uncollected, seen assisted collections abandoned and recycled rubbish thrown in one van and having to be sorted again.

Torbay Council says it has been working closely with Tor2 to ensure it puts the necessary steps in place to resolve the issues of ‘inconsistent’ collections across the Bay and return the service to a normal pattern of collections.

The statement came a week after Brixham town councillors blasted the company for its failings.

Peter Woodhead, Tor2’s general manager, said: “Due to ongoing issues with collection vehicles, residents will notice that not all recycling is being sorted at the kerbside but I would like to reassure everyone that it is being sorted. It is being taken away as mixed recycling in smaller vehicles and being sorted out at another location. We are committed to resolving the current issue and, in the meantime, would encourage all residents to continue to put their bins out as normal.”

Cllr Mark King, Torbay Council’s executive lead for housing, planning and transport, said: “We very much regret the ongoing difficulties experienced by residents with their waste and recycling collections. I am encouraged by Tor2’s updated recovery plan to bring services back into line with what the public expect.

“We are doing everything that we can to overcome the numerous challenges and ask the public to bear with us and continue to recycle as normal until the usual service returns.

“We will provide regular updates via our own website and TOR2 to ensure that everyone is aware of progress.”

Recycling is a very important part of the waste collection processes and every effort is being made to ensure that Torbay’s recycling rates do not reduce, to avoid incurring additional costs elsewhere in the waste process.

All services are expected to return to normal within in the next two months.

Waste issues could last for for months | News | Brixham News

Two weeks later:
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And this week:
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