Saturday, 10 November 2018

Brexit: and waning business confidence in Devon

In August, Plymouth City Council voiced its concerns over Brexit:
Futures Forum: Brexit: and Plymouth demanding 'the truth about the impact of leaving'

Last month, Exeter City Council did the same: 

This Council notes:

> 55% of Exeter residents who voted in the EU referendum voted to remain in the EU [1].

> Exeter has a greater share of exports to the EU than any other city in the UK (70% of exports from the city are destined for EU countries) [2].

> A recent Local Business Survey showed that confidence among SMEs in the West of England in the government to deliver a Brexit that works for business is on the wane, with only 11.69% of 230 businesses polled being confident or very confident that there will be a good deal [3].

> Polling in July 2018 found that 71% of British people disapprove of how the Brexit negotiations are being handled [4].

> Polling in August 2018 found that voters in the South West of England back a second referendum on the Brexit deal by a margin of 42% to 35% [5].

This Council believes:

> That the EU referendum on 23rd June 2016 should be considered the beginning of a democratic process, not the end of one.

> That the conclusion by the Electoral Commission that the Leave campaign committed serious offences by breaking electoral law casts doubt on the legitimacy of the result of the 2016 referendum [6].

> That new information on the way the referendum campaign was conducted and the economic, environmental and social impacts of Brexit, which have come to light since the referendum, may have altered some voters’ preferences regarding desired outcomes of the Brexit negotiations.

> That giving the British people a final say on the Brexit negotiations will help to rebuild trust and engagement in the political process.

This Council resolves:

> To express our support publicly for a People’s Vote on the final terms of any Brexit deal.

> To write to our local MP, Ben Bradshaw, and the Prime Minister, Theresa May, informing them that Exeter City Council has passed this motion in support of a People’s Vote.

Devon council votes in favour of 'People's Vote' on Brexit deal - Devon Live
Agenda item - Notice of Motion by Councillor Musgrave under Standing Order No. 6 - Exeter City Council

With the links here:
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That's right, very few of Devon's small businesses are confident:
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And many larger companies too:
Barden Corporation to close Plymouth factory with loss of 400 jobs - because of Brexit - Plymouth Live
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