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Making space for wildlife > campaign to make half the planet a nature reserve

We need to do something for our wildlife:
Futures Forum: Making space for wildlife > offsetting, rewilding or making half the planet a nature reserve

David Attenborough's latest work highlights the plight of West African chimpanzees:
Dynasties: Sir David Attenborough’s new BBC series explores the plight of families in the animal kingdom | The Independent
Nepal busts chimp smugglers after BBC investigation - BBC News
Guns, germs, and trees determine density and distribution of gorillas and chimpanzees in Western Equatorial Africa | Science Advances

At the beginning of the year, scientists held a conference in London suggesting that half the world become a nature reserve:

Should we give up half of the Earth to wildlife? | Environment | The Guardian

And the campaign is gathering pace:

Poachers are chopping off faces and paws off lions. The king of the jungle is under threat, along with much of the world's wildlife -- and scientists say the best way to help is to agree a bold plan to protect half our planet. Avaaz staff are meeting top government officials THIS WEEK -- add your voice urgently to the global campaign to protect nature.
Dear friends,

A new report says poachers are now chopping off lions’ faces and paws to sell on the black market -- the majestic king of the jungle is already vulnerable and this could push them to the brink.

It's not just lions. One by one, we’re killing off our wondrous wild neighbours -- we’ve wiped out nearly TWO-THIRDS of animal populations in just the last 50 years!

Scientists have been sounding the alarm and say we urgently need to protect half our planet, to let natural ecosystems recover and regenerate. But governments rarely listen to scientists -- they listen to people, so it’s our job to bring this emergency recovery plan to their attention.
Avaaz staff will take our voices to top government officials *this week* to ask them to back this plan. Add your name to the global campaign for nature and let’s fight to protect our lions, and other endangered species from the brink of extinction:

Yes, I’ll support the global deal for nature

It’s dire -- humanity is taking a chainsaw to the tree of life. Poaching, habitat destruction, climate change -- all of these are pushing our fellow plants and animals towards extinction. We can’t fight this in a silo -- we’ve got to transform our relationship to nature before our planet’s life support system collapses.

Good news is that momentum is gaining towards the expert-backed plan to set aside half the land and sea for nature, managing the rest sustainably to provide for human needs, to restore harmony with the planet. But governments will only agree to the plan if it’s popular.

So it’s on us to make the plan famous! Governments only agreed to 100% clean energy after we campaigned for years to build a resounding call that was impossible to ignore.

Let’s do the same for nature -- add your name as Avaaz staff meet with top negotiators this week, and make sure our kids’ favourite animals live on not just in our imagination:

Yes, I’ll support the global deal for nature
Our movement has campaigned to create massive marine reserves across our global oceans, and gone after poaching rings that threaten elephants and rhinos. From the Amazon to Borneo to the Galapagos, we’ve shown up again and again in defense of our fellow plants and animals that share the planet with us. It’s time to build on all those victories and win a visionary global deal that protects the entire tree of life... before it’s too late.

With hope and determination,

Risalat, Danny, Fatima, Diego, and the rest of the Avaaz team


Lion poaching: the brutal new threat to Africa’s prides (The Guardian)

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