Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Sidmouth Science Festival >>> >>> "stimulates new energy, new ideas, and new ways of thinking about the challenges we face but also attract new visitors to boost the economy"

The Science Festival has just celebrated its fifth outing:
Futures Forum: The fifth Sidmouth Science Festival >>> Friday 7th - Sunday 16th October

With a real diversity of interesting topics:
Futures Forum: The Importance of Asking for Evidence >>> Sat 8th Oct @ the Sidmouth Science Festival
Futures Forum: Innovating the Future >>> with Exeter City Futures >>> Tues 11th Oct @ the Sidmouth Science Festival
Futures Forum: Simon Singh, popular science and maths writer >>> Thurs 13th Oct @ the Sidmouth Science Festival
Futures Forum: Art & Design >>> Reimagining Port Royal >>> Fri Oct 14th @ the Sidmouth Science Festival

This week's View from Sidmouth covers the feedback on its front page:

Science Week is bigger than ever

Chris Triner, Michelle Gaskell and South West Education Co-ordiantor for the Royal Society of Chemistry demonstrated the science behind sweets.
IT takes a lot in Sidmouth to rival the popularity and feel good factor surrounding Folk Week, but a group of volunteers running the town’s science festival are starting to offer a worthy competitor.
The Sidmouth Science Festival is now in it’s fifth year, and has grown exponentially since the first weekend in 2012 to the now, stellar 10-day event that takes place in early autumn.
Over that time the festival has developed a successful formula.
Talks take place throughout the week and hands-on activities on the weekends; the Norman Lockyear Observatory hosts events on Sunday and, behind the scenes, the festival works closely with local schools by hosting events.
The festival is run entirely by volunteers, from the core team to on the day helpers. In 2016 about 175 volunteers contributed to the Super Science Saturday (see page 8).
A spokesperson for the science festival said: “We try to engage speakers who are experts in their field so that we in the South West can access their knowledge and ask questions.
“This year we have had Simon Singh to talk about maths and codes and Professor Mike Benton FRS (Fellow of the Royal Society) to talk about fossil dinosaurs of Devon. To encourage participation, particularly for those who cannot afford expensive admission fees, the organisers are trying to keep much of the festival free to attend, so we are very reliant on grant funding and donations.
“This year has been particularly difficult to fund. Numbers this year have definitely increased. We have noticed more visitors, especially from Exeter, although we do have people from further afield come and stay. It is really encouraging to see families in particular when they discover or learn something new.”
The theme for the festival is always ‘Science in our lives’ and organisers would like people to think about just how much of their lives depend upon science in one way or another.
Next year there will be a sub theme to the festival, which will concern health and transport.
East Devon District Councillor Matt Booth, who supports the annual festival, said: “Sidmouth Science Festival has come to represent how a small group of people with a vision and commitment to work hard to create something that will benefit the local community can make a real difference in Sidmouth.
“The event has grown year on year and this year and is a real credit to the town. We are beginning to see an increasing number of initiatives like this and they are vital to stimulate new energy, new ideas, and new ways of thinking about the challenges we face but also attract new visitors to boost the economy.”

Science Week is bigger than ever - View News

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