Saturday, 18 March 2017

Climate change: and some practical projects to inspire

Climate Week started today:

Not only are there sweeping ideas to debate:

There are also some very practical, on-the-ground projects to inspire:

March edition: the fight for onshore wind, sunshine and hope, science penguins and more.

What we've been up to...

33,000 people call on government to support onshore wind

The fight continues

Over 30,000 of you signed our pre-budget petition to demand  that the government supports onshore wind and solar in the UK. Renewables didn’t get a mention in the budget (though oil did)... but we’re not giving up. We’ve got loads more planned for our wind campaign over the next few months!
(Didn't sign the petition? You can still sign up for campaign updates here!)
Read our report on the budget

Sunshine, solar and hope

We’re brewing up a few solar solidarity projects (solar-darity, get it? Sorry...) for the next few months. Loads of you answered our call about city farms, racial justice groups or sexual health clinics that might make use of some solar panels. We should be ready to reveal what we’re up to soon...
King's Cross train station, London. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Solar-powered trains!

Could we connect solar panels directly to railways to power electric trains? We’ve teamed up with researchers at Imperial College’s Energy Futures Lab to find out. The best bit? The idea came out of our work with the village of Balcombe.

Here's a great write up of the idea from Ian Steadman at How We Get to Next.
Check it out!

What we’re into...

Solar panels. Credit: Bloomberg

Solar leapfrogs ahead in 58 countries

Solar has become the cheapest source of energy in 58 low-income countries, including China, India and Brazil! Since 2015, the world has added more capacity for clean energy than coal and natural gas - combined.
Read the article on Bloomberg
New York Rally, March 2016. Credit: Natalie Jeffers, Matters of the Earth.

Celebrating Berta Cáceres

Berta Cáceres was a prominent environmental campaigner and indigenous leader in Honduras, one of the most dangerous places in the world to be an activist. We're celebrating her bravery, passion and determination, one year after her death.
Find out more about her here
Group of penguins. Image credit: Liam Quinn

Science Penguins!

We’ve been celebrating British Science week with this awesome citizen science project from Penguin Watch. The project monitors penguins to work out changes in the Antarctic ecosystem - but there are lots of penguins, and it needs your help! Help scientists learn more about climate change, all from the comfort of your desk, squishy armchair or bed.
Did we mention there are penguins involved?

What you can do...

Lighter, longer

The seasons are changing! You may have noticed that daylight's been hanging around a bit longer. So why not take advantage of these longer days and try cycling to work or school?
Here are some tips for bike maintenance!

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