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Giving proposals for an Exeter shopping centre 'a greater local touch' 'puts a damper on those retail ventures willing to open up in secondary, nearby areas such as Cranbrook'

A new town without a town centre:
Futures Forum: Thousands of new housing at Cranbrook - and still the District Council says "it is a it is a difficult and uncertain time to be planning a new town centre"
Futures Forum: An ever-expanding Cranbrook: "There are significant issues to resolve around how services and facilities are to be provided in the town in the future and how these are to be paid for."
Futures Forum: Cranbrook loses its town centre to become a dormitory suburb of Exeter

Recently, a planning application for a shopping centre nearby was turned down because of its impact on trying to create a town centre:
Major new £40m Exeter retail park is thrown out by planners - Devon Live

But not everyone was happy:
'Major opportunity lost for Exeter' say rejected retail park developers - Devon Live

The developers have had another go, as reported earlier in the East Devon Watch blog: 


15 September 2018

A large shopping centre development at Sowton was recently turned down by Exeter City Council because it did not fit in with their vision for local centres in the large new housing developments springing up in that area. The scheme called for an out-of-town shopping centre with the likes of Next, Boots, etc.

The developer, rather than appealing the decision, has swiftly withdrawn the original plans and submitted a revised application, thus avoiding the hefty cost of submitting new plans.

They now say they will (possibly) include a post office, pharmacy and gym and maybe other smaller retail elements. This, they feel, fulfills the requirement for a more local feel to the plans.

Whether Exeter City Council agrees with this, or if an appeal is successful if they still reject it remains to be seen.

But it certainly puts a damper on those retail ventures willing to open up in secondary, nearby areas such as Cranbrook and those developers willing to take a chance on anything but (highly profitable) housing.

Another blow to a new Cranbrook town centre? | East Devon Watch 

And as reported yesterday by Radio Exe: 

Revised plans for £40m retail park

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 4:11pm
By Sam Sterrett
Artist impression of the new facility
Gym, bank and post office to make it more local
An out-of-town shopping centre, near Sowton Industrial Estate, rejected by councillors last month has been resubmitted by its developers, with amendments to give it a greater local touch.
The application for land north of Honiton Road in Exeter, now includes a post office, a bank, and a gym, with statements submitted with saying that this ‘responds to the comments made by members that they would prefer more facilities for the local community’. M&S Simply Food, Boots, a drive-through McDonalds, a drive-through Costa are all named as tenants on the documents.
The other eight units would be filled with a yet-to-be-named discount food retailer, a post office, a newsagent, a bank, a gym, a restaurant, a hot food takeaway unit and a shop. The statement says: “The proposals now incorporate a greater range of uses, including a bank and a gym and responds to the comments made by members that they would prefer more facilities for the local community.
“The revised proposals therefore respond positively to the comments of members, and incorporates significant reduction in the floorspace, a proportionately greater reduction in the amount of retail, an extension of the range and diversity of retail uses to include both food and non-food shopping, a chemist and a post office, and an extension of the range and diversity of non-retail uses, to include a bank and a gym."
Documents state that it would create nearly 400 full time jobs.

Revised plans for £40m retail park - Radio Exe

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