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Brexit: and xenophobia in Devon

Interestingly, UK nationalist parties are not 'anti-foreigner' - unlike many on the Continent:
Futures Forum: Brexit: and Cornish independence

However, over the last couple of weeks, anti-foreigner sentiment has exploded:
Hate crimes surge by 42% in England and Wales since Brexit result | Crime | News | The Independent

And it's happening in Devon - with a particularly nasty incident reported nationally from Plymouth:
Racist thugs launch arson attack on Polish family’s home | Daily Mail Online
People in Efford won't stand for racists who targeted Polish family | Plymouth Herald
Polish consul visits Plymouth as city leaders show support after hate crime | Plymouth Herald

Unfortunately, these incidents are happening elsewhere across the county:
Increases in reported hate crime across South Devon since Brexit | Torquay Herald Express

There are mixed messages coming out of Exeter:
Reports of post Brexit racism in Exeter - but we find flowers and kindness | Exeter Express and Echo

And from Sidmouth:

Xenophobia in Sidmouth

Mark lindsey Earley  in Sidmouth
I had an Indian takeaway yesterday from the Cinnamon Tree . It was very nice, I might add, but I was absolutely horrified to hear them say that their custom dropped right off immediately after the referendum. I think this is shameful.
    Old Boot
    Maybe people are doing and eating different things, or maybe gone on hols. We will continue to enjoy takeaways from Sidmouth Tandoori
    Pathetic, stupid, ignorant ... I could go on. Why was it OK to use the takeaway before and not now when the takeaway people are the same and the food is the same? Let's hope it's just a blip and people come to their senses. We are all mixed blood to some degree. GROW UP whoever you are and be tolerant of all races!
    Mary W-T
    I don't believe there is any xenophobia in Sidmouth! Get a grip folks, it is just normal variation that someone ( or some ones) are trying to spin for their own purposes!

    OB is right.

    Whatever the result of the referendum it is not going to change people's eating habits :-)
    What on earth has an Indian Takeaway got to do with the EU?
    Get real!
    By the Byes
    Mary W-T has this absolutely spot on, simply don't believe this story. Far more likely to be an attempt to generate business via the sympathy card.
    Polarising Plebeian
    Mary, BtB, and others, I am afraid our lovely town is not free of xenophobia.
    • I know an ex-farmer who sends emails round to 'all his friends' with very clearly racist jokes and very weird political ideas what to do against 'them'.
    • At work, a few months back, I had to endure lengthy explanations from the wife of a customer about "all muslims breeding like rabbits", she really looked down on them as a matter of principle. 
    • And, in a otherwise respectable shop right here in Sidmouth, just the other week, the person at the till was happy to support the views of two people in the queue that another shopper with asian looks was identified as a foreigner.
    I am from Rome, I can't hide my accent and since the referendum I was already asked twice by different fellow dog walkers in the Byes whether I might now need to leave the country.

    Go figure.

    P.S.: Like some of you, I don't really believe the original story. The causal chain sounds unreal.
    Real Sidmouthian
    I would reluctantly have to agree with PP - There are some very extreme views in the valley. This is nothing to do with being 'PC' its to do with respect and many of those extreme views come from people with no respect at all. Unfortunately the extreme views tend to mask the vast majority of respectful people that live here.

    However I agree with all comments here that this particular issue is a story too far. Knowing the proprietor well myself, he does like a good story and gossip.

    Streetlife | Xenophobia in Sidmouth

    What is to blame for the Brexit vote?
    Austerity, not immigration, to blame for inequality underlying Brexit vote, argues Oxford professor | UK Politics | News | The Independent

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