Friday, 15 July 2016

Devon now the 'seventh worst place to live in the UK' >>> few full-time jobs... low incomes... high living costs... unaffordable property prices...

Rather surprisingly - but maybe not - Devon is now considered the 'seventh worst place to live' in the UK:

Bottom 10 Places to Live in the UK 2015

2015 RankRegionRank Change from 2013
129South Teesside-36
130East of Northern Ireland-91
131Central Valleys-10
134West & South of Northern Ireland-75
135Eilean Siar (Western Isles)-15
136North of Northern Ireland-68
137Kingston Upon Hull-7
The Best and Worst Places To Live in the UK - uSwitch.com

As reported in today's Plymouth Herald:

Devon is seventh worst place to live in UK - and Plymouth is bang average - claims new study

By maxc73  |  Posted: July 15, 2016

Devon has been named the seventh worst place to live in the UK - after plummeting 46 places in the rankings - according to a study by price comparison website uSwitch. Plymouth, however, has climbed 30 places to 59th place, putting it mid-table in the list of 138 areas. 
The uSwitch.com study assessed 138 local areas (NUTS3 regions) for 26 factors such as salaries, disposable household income, and the cost of essential goods including food bills, fuel costs and energy billsThe study also factored in lifestyle issues like hours of sunshine, working hours and life expectancy to ensure a full picture of the quality of life in each NUTS3 region.
Explaining Devon's shock ranking, uSwitch's website notes that while "Devon's overall employment situation doesn't look too bad when you consider that 77% of people are employed", only 35% are working what are considered normal full time hours of 35-45 per week. "This suggests that while there is work to be had, finding stable full time jobs is harder than the employment stats may first make it seem."
It also notes "income in Devon is quite low at £440.51 gross per week, though the average household does end up with a respectable £17,434 in disposable income every year".
However, sky-high property prices appear to be the big reason Devon has fallen into the bottom places to live, with uSwitch saying: "Property and rental prices are one of the biggest reasons why Devon can be a difficult place to live in."

"Living costs can be quite high in Devon, with petrol at a high price of 120.4 pence on average in 2015, and food shopping for a household coming in a just under £60 per week, which is on the higher end even among the 10 worst places to live in uSwitch's Best Places to Live in The UK Quality of Life Index."
"Just 70% of Devon has mobile phone signal, and average broadband speeds are a low 15.3mbps."
On the plus side, life expectancy is above average in Devon, (or maybe it just feels longer?) and men are expected to live to be 80, with women 84
Devon is seventh worst place to live in UK - and Plymouth is bang average - claims new study | Plymouth Herald

Although a predicted slow-down or drop in house prices might alter the situation:

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