Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Plans for Port Royal: anticipating a Regeneration Board >>> Town Council approve project brief for ‘Scoping Report for the eastern end of Sidmouth’ >>>

There's an awful lot of 'development' happening or about to happen in the Sid Valley:
Futures Forum: "Sid Valley under threat from developers >>> Have your say before it’s too late"

Potentially the biggest project for Sidmouth will be at Port Royal - and everything's connected to everything else and everyone else:
Futures Forum: Plans for Port Royal and the Eastern Town >>> "People don't connect the Scoping Exercise with what is in the Local Plan"
Futures Forum: Plans for Port Royal and the Eastern Town >>> "The needs of all these clubs and organisations remain paramount in any plans for the future development of our town."

Last night, the Town Council considered the Project Brief and Terms of Reference for the Scoping Report:
Futures Forum: Plans for Port Royal: anticipating a Regeneration Board >>> ‘Scoping Report for the eastern end of Sidmouth’ >>> Town Council to debate Project Brief >>> Monday 5th Sept

There were two separate votes: 

One was to postpone the decision to accept the Brief and TOR, to allow for a second draft, taking on board concerns expressed during the meeting: this was rejected by 6 votes to 11.

The other vote was to accept the Project Brief and Terms of Reference as laid out: this was agreed on by 11 votes to 6.

The full documentation which was passed can be viewed in the Agenda:

The Minutes have been published, with a summary of the debate, together with the final resolution:

67 Eastern Town Regeneration Scoping Exercise 

In November 2015, the Council began formal discussions with East Devon District Council regarding the long desired redevelopment and renewal of Port Royal. 

It was agreed that the project should be led by Sidmouth Town Council with support from officers of East Devon District Council and external expertise as necessary. In the first instance, a Scoping Exercise would be undertaken to identify more information about the site, its opportunities and constraints. Both Councils have committed funding to undertake this Scoping Study. Members were asked to consider the Terms of Reference and Brief for the study as attached to the agenda. 

During the discussion, some Members suggested the option of deferring the item for the redrafting of the document to include further detail. This was formally proposed as an amendment but defeated in a vote during the debate. 


1) That the Terms of Reference for the joint working approach between the Council and East Devon District Council at appendix 1, be approved; Sidmouth Town Council 5 September 2016 

2) That approval is given for the Project Brief for the Scoping Exercise at Appendix 2


Next week's District Council Cabinet will consider the same:

Part A matters for key decision: 12 Port Royal, Sidmouth (pages 36-49) 

This report updates members on the progress of discussions with Sidmouth Town Council concerning the Port Royal redevelopment opportunity and seeks approval for key documents relating to this joint working and next steps forward. 
Appendix 1 - Terms of Reference 
Appendix 2 - Project Brief for Scoping Exercise 


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