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‘Say NO to Sidford Business Park’ >>> Public meeting >>> Today: Monday 12th September

Later today, a campaign to stop an industrial estate happening on the outskirts of Sidford starts up:
Futures Forum: Sidford business park > Fords planning application >>> 16/0669/MOUT >>> >>> public information meeting: Monday 12th September >>> the campaign

The Save Our Sidmouth/Sidford site poses a provocative graphic:

‘Say NO to Sidford Business Park’, PUBLIC MEETING on Monday 12th Sept

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A public meeting organised by Sidford & Sidbury residents, with the support of East Devon Alliance, will be held at Sidford Social Hall, Byes Lane, on Monday 12 September. Doors open at 6.30 pm for 7.15pm start. Coffee and teas available on arrival. Information displays to browse. Poster gives details: say-no-poster-pic

Sidmouth Town Council have already expressed serious objections to the height of buildings ‘up to 15 metres tall’ in Fords’ planning application.


Imagine a London bus of equivalent height, to get some idea of the scale.

There’s more information on http://www.facebook.com/saynotosidfordbusinesspark

‘Say NO to Sidford Business Park’, PUBLIC MEETING on Monday 12th Sept | Save Our Sidmouth

The issues are also being discussed on-line at Streetlife:
Streetlife | Sidbury Cycle Path

Can they really get away with it?

Jenny A  in Bulverton
Objections to the revisions of the employment site have to be in by next Friday. If like me, you object or want to understand what is really happening to Sidmouth, Sidford and Sidbury, there is more information at the public meeting in Sidford Village Hall on Monday at 6.30 for 7.15pm start, also on the Save our Sidmouth website and also Facebook 'Say No to Sidford Business Park' which shows how big the buildings could be, to quote:

"No building will be more than 15m high, or take up more than a quarter of the (3 hectare) space, says Fords in its application for outline planning permission for a business park at Two Bridges Rd, Sidford. To give you an idea of what that looks like, see the bungalow enclosed in the red shed. 15m is the height of 3.5 double decker buses stacked end to end, or the ridge line of St Peter's Church, Sidford"

What exactly do Fords plan to have on this site with buildings this huge? What is really going on.
    Truly Scrumptious
    Could it be that they will build a huge warehouse and then sell it to an organisation such as Amazon. If so, there will be constant traffic as that might involve a 24 hour operation business?
    I understand that the land has been granted employment status and we cannot change that but rather than a business park, surely it would be better to have an entertainment park similar to the park in Exmouth as that would improve tourism and bring money into the town? It would still be busy with traffic but, in the main, it would be family vehicles and delivery vans rather than huge trucks? Just a thought, Mr. Ford!
    Mary W-T
    I thought that originally Fords were just wanting to relocate their business and have some workshops for other businesses.

    If so there is no need for anything higher than a normal house.

    Do original objections still stand or do we need to resubmit? Does anyone know?
    Barnacle Bill
    Hmm a 'stack 'em high and sell 'em cheap' warehouse would certainly need to be quite tall. No problem if the developers took a leaf out of the book from the Morrisons'  Warehouse near Bridgewater on the M5. It is designed in such a way that it totally blends in with the background vista and is not easily seen unless you are looking for it.

    Would the lorries come and go all through the night though?
    Truly Scrumptious
    At the meeting last Wednesday, they said anyone who hasn't written objecting, needs to do so by the 16th. There is a meeting at Sidford village hall on Monday which will have sketches to look at. Not sure of the time but probably around 6.30 pm. Those of you who have relatives and friends that would want to object, I suggest doing a template for them to send in but with their details added. I think they said the final decision will be made by October.
    As to Morrison's warehouse - the location is completely different so would not bother anyone where as this will affect everyone because of the A375 and the traffic lights - they estimate 30% more traffic and the A375 from Honiton was only upgraded from a B road in 2002 to ensure proper maintenance of the road for our tourism in Sidmouth. This doesn't mean it is suitable for heavy vehicles. Plus, if they have low lighting 24 hours, it is possible to have a 24 hour business there?
    Truly Scrumptious
    sorry, information about meeting already posted. Just to say that this project will not be good for the residents of Frys Lane with there "rat run"; noise and fuel pollution; for Norman Lockyer Observatory and its associated tourism as it will spoil their night sky; not good for a protected species of bats in the hedgerows and possible flooding issues for Sidford and Sidmouth as they want to build on flood plains. Can you imagine the devastation this site would add to if we had storms of a few years!
    Mr. Ford should attend a public meeting to clarify exactly what the purpose of this site is, in my opinion! Once stated, it provides grounds for objections if the purpose is changed at a later stage!
    Mary W-T
    I hate the Morrisons' warehouse and don't think it blends in at all, they should have done the bottom half in irregular greens, not rectangular blocks, and the upper half similar shapes in grey-blue. But that is a side issue :-)

    We don't need this in an AONB with small roads, next they will want to drive a new, large road through to it because the narrow roads restrict their business!
    Jenny A
    Mary, we have to resubmit with reference to the new revisions. (By Friday). The meeting tomorrow, 6.30 for 7.15 pm start at Sidford Village Hall will give lots and lots of information and photographs. It is a very worrying situation. In my objections to EDDC, I have stated that I stand by my previous objections and then added my objections to newer information such as the potential height (15 metres is so high!)of the buildings with connected vehicles, design code, light pollution etc., cycle route, attenuation ponds, bats and wildlife. The SOS website and Facebook, Say No to Sidford Business Park give information.
    I personally think this whole situation, beginning to end, should be scrutinised in detail through the media....TV and papers etc.
    Mary W-T
    Jenny, I agree. Not only Sidford but the Knowle and Port Royal need a clear external examination; and also all the stuff at Exmouth, Seaton, etc. I can't believe how an authority can achieve such asset stripping without any over view.

    I'll get my objections updated.
    Old Fozzie
    I seriously doubt the viability of a distribution warehouse, usually they are, as noted, somewhere with easy motorway access, or at least good access to major routes, which Sidford doesn't have by any stretch of the immagination. Maybe they are just looking to maximizing the potential.
    Attracting a superstore? Would they have the customer base, and many are divesting themselves of sites they already own. To me it's a mystery why they should want such a large building in that location...
    I'm new here, do Fords own their existing site? In which case they stand to make more by housing on it, especially if they can move the other tennants to a new site. But then they'd need to get approval for a change of use, have they the pull with the council and EDDC?
    Barnacle Bill
    A Call Centre would be useful. Lots of jobs for the youngsters who have just left college etc. No large lorries but probably quite a few cars on shift changeover.

    Ideas could still be taken from the Morrisons Warehouse to lessen the visual impact.

    As there is going to be lot of building going on in the area then perhaps a Builders' Merchants/Supplies would be worth considering as well.
    Old Fozzie
    Somehow BB I don't think anyone is going to ask what we want or need...
    Or even take a great deal of notice as to what we think, they've so far shown that they are determined to push it through despite what seem to be very reasonable and valid objections.
    Deirdre H
    I will be speaking briefly at the meeting at Sidford this evening. I will state (without comment) that we received many views about the Sidford Employment land  in the first survey but my main point will be announcing that the  Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan Business Survey will go live this week on the  STC website and will be emailed to nearly 400 businesses, associations and groups in the Sid Valley.

    Respondents will have a chance to comment on the proposed employment land. I will also read a short extract from a government guidance paper on  Neighbourhood Planning  and what it can affect.

    The Sidford Employment land, The Knowle and Port Royal will also figure in the second residents survey where we be asking residents to express their viewpoints on these proposed developments.
    Richard T
    I will be speaking on behalf of SOS and SVA at tonights meeting, (see SOS web site), (6.15 for7.30 at Sidford hall)

    You do not have to resubmit your objections, but it would be advisable to do so in the light of Ford's proposal for the height of buildings and appearance.

    Add your comment:

    Streetlife | Can they really get away with it?

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