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Brexit: and Exeter's MP raising questions

The MP for Exeter has been campaigning for further investigations over process: 
Futures Forum: Brexit: and Exeter's MP once 'regarded as a crank' >>> but now questions are multiplying over the roles of Cambridge Analytica and its parent company Strategic Communications Laboratories
Futures Forum: Brexit: and Exeter's MP's demanding that the government 'comes clean'

Friday's Express & Echo quoted the MP: 

Meet the young Devon activists who are fighting Brexit

Students still believe they can stop Britain leaving the EU

Rom Preston-Ellis
5 APR 2018

Exeter Students For Europe's stance has been echoed by the city's MP Ben Bradshaw who has repeatedly questioned the decision to leave the EU. Writing for DevonLive.com last month, he said that the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal raises awkward questions about legitimacy of the Brexit referendum.

"I have also had concerns for some time, which I have repeatedly raised in Parliament – about the use, or rather misuse, of people’s personal data for covert political campaigning and the impact that could have on our democracy," said Mr Bradshaw. "So, shocking as the revelations about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica have been, I am not surprised.

"It is already clear to me that our regulators have neither the power nor the resources they need to protect our democracy from manipulation. Just look at the farce of the Information Commissioner spending a week before finally getting a warrant to search Cambridge Analytica’s office, when Facebook themselves had been to their offices within hours of the scandal breaking.

"But Ministers too need to take this problem more seriously than they have. Indeed, everyone who cares about our democracy should, however awkward that might be in terms of raising questions about the legitimacy of the Brexit referendum result."

Meet the young Devon activists who are fighting Brexit - Devon Live

From the MP's Twitter feed:

  1. Good to see the allegations of law breaking by the Leave campaign being taken seriously by the Washington Post even as they’re ignored by most UK media

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    “I hope that there is a police investigation into Vote Leave. This is me trying to shake everyone: ‘They’re fucking with you, you’re not questioning it.’” Brexit whistleblower to about the need for another EU referendum:

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    Read about the evidence below. ChangeBritain was ’s ‘grassroots’ campaign. Only now we know the website built by AIQ & there’s a email on it. And is not answering my qs.

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    What is eating ? Why the multiple hit jobs on me? Or, another question: what is the story behind Wess digital, the data firm Guido (Paul Staines) set up with CEO of with ?

Ben Bradshaw (@BenPBradshaw) | Twitter

His party leadership aren't very happy with what he's got to say:
Labour MP shut down over Brexit | Ben Bradshaw MP interview - YouTube (Party Conference: October 2017)
Owen Smith's sacking is a distraction from the wider picture – Labour could never agree to the Tory Brexit deal | The Independent (opinion piece: March 2018)

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