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Plans for Port Royal > When will the Drill Hall go on the market?

The Drill Hall will be put on the market:
Futures Forum: Plans for Port Royal > helping potential Drill Hall site investors
Futures Forum: Plans for Port Royal: and a successful community buy-out in Somerset

When and how was fleshed out a little at last week's annual Town Council assembly:
Meeting of Sidmouth Town Council - Monday 9 April 2018

The latest news from the Drill Hall Rescue website is very helpful too: 

When will the Drill Hall go on the market?

15 April 2018

Dear Friends,

I have been waiting to send a newsletter until the intentions of EDDC became clear, but they seem to be moving very slowly and I can't discover anything definite.

Luckily it was the Sidmouth Town Council Annual Assemblage on Monday 9th April and I was able to ask the Councillors what they knew.

It seems that the Councillors who were on the Reference Group for the scoping study recently received an update on progress. The timescales still seem a little vague but, broadly, EDDC have the tender out to identify the best company to market the site; the company is expected to be chosen within the next 3 weeks. The company and EDDC will then work together for about another 4 weeks to develop the best strategy, collate the relevant information and prepare images and brochures. At the end of this time the 6 month marketing period will start. So we may be looking at the marketing starting around the END of May and closing early November 2018.

I was told there will not be any restrictions placed on the sale as far as plans for reuse or demolition are concerned. Both options will be considered equally, so the fight is not yet won.

So far I have only heard about one local community group who may be interested in buying the Hall. Please let me know if you have heard of others as I want to help all potential buyers as much as possible.

It did strike me that if STC, or a community group, had owned the Hall we would not have had to trek up Salcombe Hill to the Scout Hut on Monday night; and that more people may have attended the meeting! Parking was very tight at the Scout Hut and many people had to park on the road, creating a considerable hazard as the cloud had come down and visibility was very poor.

The only other news is that both Matt Booth and I have both put up web pages to try to help anyone contemplating taking on the Hall.
Matt's is more targeted at community groups and can be found at Community Bid
Mine is much broader and aims to be useful for anyone whether it be Community, Charity or Commercial.

To finish with some links.
This is what EDDC needed to know when they took over the Drill Hall, but it was only published last month. Managing Vacant Historic Buildings, from Historic England. We can of course quote it when we are saying that condition is not a reason for demolition.

This is a place to consider for funds, or companies who could put the Hall to good use.

And this is a fun piece when considering a new bridge over the Sid

As soon as I hear the Hall is on the market I will let you know.

Kind regards, Mary

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