Saturday, 28 April 2018

Vertical forests... vertical gardens...

The latest episode of Gardeners' World on BBC Two 'explores the future of gardening in our cities when she visits an extraordinary high-rise building in Milan which has been designed as a living forest':
BBC iPlayer - Gardeners' World - 2018: Episode 7

And here is Stefano Boeri's work:


The Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) - YouTube

Milan is the most famous:
Gardens in the sky: The rise of eco urban architecture - CNN Style
Milan is growing trees on skyscrapers | World Economic Forum

And it's creating a lot of interest:
'Forest cities': the radical plan to save China from air pollution | Cities | The Guardian

And it doesn't have to be for the rich:
The world's first vertical forest for low-income housing is coming to the Netherlands | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

And there are the vertical gardens from Patrick Blanc: 

Vertical Gardens Patrick Blanc

Nobody is more familiar than Blanc with the secrets of the plants, from all over the world, that live on almost nothing, in the most unlikely situations, carpeting the forest understory in semi-darkness or clinging to rocky cliff faces. From Paris to Bangkok, from New York to Singapore, Blanc invites nature to flourish on the walls of museums, shopping malls, private homes, big hotels, and skyscrapers. His works have brought a breath of fresh air to urban environments, changing our view of the cityscape, orchestrating and bringing art into the heart of the city, transforming concrete walls into refuges for biodiversity. 

L'Oasis d'Aboukir, Hymne à la Biodiversité
OCP Johnson-Pilton-Walker & Peddle-Thorp-Walker
Perez Art Museum Miami Herzog & de Meuron
Maître d’ Ouvrage : Compagnie de Phalsbourg
Düssmann KulturKaufhaus Alain Guigonis
Sofitel Palm Jumeirah MIRK
CapitaLand Rainforest Rhapsody
The Rainforest Chandelier Leeser and J+H Boiffils
Alaia Boutique Pierre Granger
The athenaeum Living Wall 

Welcome to Vertical Garden Patrick Blanc | Vertical Garden Patrick Blanc


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