Friday, 13 April 2018

Sidmouth Plastic Warriors > in action > Sat 14th April > beach clean: 10am - 12 noon

Sidmouth Plastic Warriors are doing very well:
Futures Forum: Getting the backing of the town council for a plastic-free Sidmouth @ annual Town Assembly > unanimous support > full report from Sidmouth Plastic Warriors

They are really about raising awareness:
Futures Forum: Plastic pollution > making an impact by thinking about our own shopping behaviour

And one way to do that is to get out there and make a difference:
Futures Forum: Sidmouth Plastic Warriors > in action > Sat 14th April

With more details on tomorrow's event from the latest newsletter:

Dear all

Following our fantastic result at the Sidmouth Town Council meeting on Monday, where they unanimously voted to back our bid to become an SAS Plastic Free Coastline town, we are riding on a high! This week has also seen Waitrose promise to get rid of their disposable cups, offering free teas and coffees only when we take a reusable cup (or buy one of theirs), which will save almost 60 million cups A YEAR! PrĂȘt are trialling their own deposit return scheme for plastic bottles in their London stores, with a promise to phase out all single use cutlery and bottles; and Selfridges have stopped selling all drinks in plastic bottles! We, along with hundreds of other organisations around the country just like us, are making progress, most definitely.

This Saturday sees our next beach clean, starting at 10am from the Sailing Club. The club will be open throughout for teas and coffees (50p including a biscuit!) and we will meet back there afterwards at 12pm to collect all the rubbish together and for a picture, as well as a well earned drink. Barry from EDDC Streetscene will then collect all the rubbish at about 12.30. I will have to sort through it this time because Surfers Against Sewage would like a break down of what we pick up, for their records. This is part of their huge, fantastic, country-wide 'Big Spring Beach Clean', running all week in different areas, and they are going to publish the complete results when they've received them all. The poster for ours is attached and I would be very grateful if you could circulate it widely.

We are also going to try to collect nurdles this time (the small buildling blocks of plastic that are washing up on shores all around the country) so I will take a bin and spade down to the beach and we will see what surfaces from random samples (the nurdles float to the top in the water, when stirred around, and can be scooped out). Please do focus on small pieces of plastic just as much as large this time - hopefully there will be enough of us to all take a different focus, from the back of the beach, to the shore line, to the sand, and really do a great job of cleaning it.

We will have litter pickers, high vis jackets, bags and gloves to borrow, but please do bring your own if you have them. Families welcome (please look after your own children ) and sign in on the sheet at the sailing club to be included on the insurance,

We look forward to seeing lots of you there


-- Denise Bickley Sidmouth Plastic Warriors 

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