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Getting the backing of the town council for a plastic-free Sidmouth @ annual Town Assembly > Monday 9th April

Next Monday, the Sidmouth Plastic Warriors will be giving a presentation at the Annual Town Assembly:
Futures Forum: Sidmouth aimng for Plastic Free Coastline Accredited Town @ annual Town Assembly > Monday 9th April

The Herald reports: 

Sidmouth Plastic Warriors seek council’s support to for plastic free accreditation

PUBLISHED: 19:07 06 April 2018
Sidmouth Plastic Warriors.

Sidmouth Plastic Warriors.

Plastic warriors are hoping Sidmouth Town Council will join them in a ‘united’ front as part of a bid to make Sidmouth a flagship use plastic free town.

Denise Bickley from Sidmouth Plastic Warriors will give a presentation on Monday urging councillors to support its proposals to become a Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Coastline Accredited Town.
The group have been active carrying out beach cleans and campaigning retailers and producers locally and nationally to reduce their single-use plastic.
To achieve the accreditation status, the group must have formal support from the council, at least 12 businesses change at least three single-use-plastic items for non-plastic alternatives, show engagement with the community, hold events and an annual meeting.
Denise Bickley, chair of the plastic warriors, said: “We need the backing of the town council to send out a united signal, that it’s not just a few of us beach cleaners making a fuss, but that the town is behind it, embracing it, including it as an important part of its tourism culture, signage and ethos, so that it can be used as a positive marketing tool for the town. We are a green, eco, proud of our town community, that wins competitions because of Sidmouth in Bloom and cares about its deeper footprint and is changing the behaviour of its citizens for the communal good.
She added that the town did not want to get left behind.
Mrs Bickley added: “Once we get the accreditation we think the momentum will push businesses into seeing what else they can do to take it further, and we can really push it to make us a stand out as a ground-breaking plastic free town.”
Also in a bid to improve its economic footprint, the council will consider a report to support installing water filling stations in the town.
Up to £5,000 of funding would be spent to install a water bottle filling point at the Market Place and a possible combined filling station and water fountain adjacent to The Arches on the Esplanade.
Mrs Bickley added: “It’s a clear statement of intent that we are forward thinking and ahead of the game, and we will be using them every time we are in the town.
“There will be no need at all for anyone to buy plastic bottled water in Sidmouth.”

Sidmouth Plastic Warriors seek council’s support to achieve plastic free accreditation | Latest Sidmouth and Ottery News - Sidmouth Herald

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