Thursday, 5 January 2017

A solution to our housing problems: sell council land for £1

Developers go out of their way to pay towards affordable housing - claiming their projects are 'unviable' and so can't contribute towards the S106 or CIL charge:
Futures Forum: S106 Management - or how developers avoid affordable housing

The EDW blog points to an alternative way to enable affordable housing:
Council sells land for £1 for affordable housing | East Devon Watch

With the full piece here from the Express & Echo:

Council sells land for £1 so affordable housing can be built

By Neil_Shaw | Posted: January 03, 2017 Comments (1)

THREE plots of land in Buckfastleigh have been sold to Teign Housing for £1.

The land, previously owned by Teignbridge Council, has been sold so that affordable housing developments can be brought forward.

The three plots of land are at the rear of 8-11 Holne Road, land opposite 15-26 Williams Court, and land at rear of 9-10 Church Street, in Buckfastleigh.

Cllr Doug Hellier-Laing, executive portfolio holder for economy, skills and tourism, made the decision under his delegated powers.

Tony Watson, business manager for economy and assets, said: "We propose to transfer three parcels, plots A, B, & C, to Teign Housing for £1 to enable development of affordable housing within Buckfastleigh.

"As no consideration is being taken for this transfer we will also look to impose a overage and clawback provision on the land of 90 per cent in the event that Teign Housing look to dispose of the freehold for any purpose in the future."

The land at the rear of Holne Road (plot A) is a steep plot only accessible over land owned by Teign Housing and will be used to relocate garden licences to enable affordable housing development on more suitable land elsewhere in Buckfastleigh

The land opposite Williams Court (plot B) will be used for future development potential by Teign Housing, with the aspiration for an affordable housing scheme, subject to planning.

The land at the rear of Church Street (plot C) will initially remain as garden land but there is potential for affordable housing development in the future should the opportunity arise.

Mr Watson added: "The disposal will allow for cost savings to the Council in terms on of ongoing management, as well as the provision of new affordable homes."

Teign Housing are a registered provider of social housing and are dedicated to providing high quality customer services and making the local area a better place to live by creating sustainable communities and working in partnership.

Council sells land for £1 so affordable housing can be built | Exeter Express and Echo

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